List Of SaaS Affiliate & Reseller Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to promote a business and attract new customers. It is a rapidly growing niche and a profitable opportunity for sellers to earn commissions on their sales. Partnering between companies that share a customer base can be a huge advantage since it may increase your sales and marketing. You may have already encountered SaaS technology more than once, and the number of such services continues to grow due to their relevance and ease of use. But progress does not stall there, offering more and more efficient and unique ideas, taking into account the needs of customers. Hence, this website provides an overview of SaaS development to help SaaS providers benefit from creating their own affiliate program.

Let’s take a look at a list of the best SaaS affiliate and reseller programs, which provide its partners with benefits ranging from free use of software to referral commission.

Podia’s Refer-a-Creator Program

Podia allows creating an online business to start hosting and selling online courses, memberships, and digital downloads. Its Refer-a-Creator Program offers 30% commission referrals for the lifetime of the attracted customers. In such a way, Podia aims to help customers promote their referral links by offering ideas for blog posts and newsletters, instructions on adding referral links to partner sites, and conducting joint webinars with partners promoting on their own mailing list.

HubSpot’s Sales and Marketing Growth Stack

HubSpot divided its affiliate program into three parts:

  • Marketing Agency Partners: HubSpot assists agencies in offering inbound marketing services to their customers.
  • Sales Partners: HubSpot assists CRM service providers and sales consultants who want to sell HubSpot services and earn commissions.
  • Integration Partners: HubSpot Connect helps companies integrate their own technologies with HubSpot software.

Besides, HubSpot offers a significant commission for receiving referrals in the amount of 20% per month during the first year of collaboration with a client.

Shopify’s Ecommerce Expert Program

Shopify affiliate program is one of the most inclusive offers compared to most SaaS companies. Regardless of whether you are a freelancer or an agency, they offer a wide range of benefits, including discounts on products and services from leading software companies. Such an educational program as Shopify Partner Academy includes courses, tutorials, and exams to help developers and consultants make the most of the platform.

By the way, Shopify partners have access to a special panel of partners to manage referrals, view commission payments, search for resources, and send Shopify Plus applications. The platform also offers generous referral commissions, paying 20% ​​of the monthly subscription fee for a specified customer during the subscription term. Additionally, application developers receive from 50 to 80% of a one-time fee for the sale or subscription from the sale.

Slack’s Communication Platform Partner Program

Slack provides a well-tuned integration program for partners that works with over 1000 SaaS products to help users be more efficient and productive in their communications. Their list of partners includes several big names, such as Salesforce and Google, so partners can be sure that the program works well.

But the Slack affiliate program is not open to everyone, and to join the program, the potential partner has to be accepted. The benefits of integration partners are huge. Due to access to 9 million active users per week and having a list in the public Slack app directory, the program helps users find the features they need. To help application developers, Slack provides partners with detailed documentation on their API and platform.

Weblium Affiliate Program

Weblium is an AI site builder. Created as an adequate response to today’s market requirements, it allows you to design a professional business website on your own in just a couple of days, completely free of charge. Its revenue share affiliate program is based on the two popular online platforms – First Promoter and ShareASale.

Precisely, the First Promoter offers you 50% of the first sale and an additional 20% of all subsequent and periodic sales. ShareASale allows you to get 40% of your first sale of any of the available packages, and also offers 45% commission if you make it up to 30 sales per month or a commission of 50% if you make it up to 70 sales per month. Besides, partners who have a good target audience and actively promote the Weblium product earn an average of $ 1,000 per month or more.


SurveySparrow has a simple affiliate program that helps to create an organic connection between the buyer and seller and receive money for it. The company has a permanent commission structure that supports the motivation of customers. Its SurveySparrow Affiliate Program pays 25 percent commission for each successful referral. The company also not only facilitates joining the affiliate program but also helps sellers disseminate information about their services.

Therefore, SurveySparrow is a unique platform that helps users create very interesting polls that make it possible to chat. This interactive method of collecting feedback makes people share their genuine comments. As a result, more and more companies are using SurveySparrow as a tool for creating surveys. And the natural flow and intuitive interface provide easy implementation and integration into existing systems. Thus, the affiliate marketing program offered by SurveySparrow is equally popular among partners due to its amazing interface and quick setup.

Shift4Shop’s eCommerce Affiliate Program

Shift4Shop offers a great SaaS ecommerce platform, and a competitive affiliate program to help promote it. Shift4Shop’s affiliate program offers a generous 300% commission for referrals, with plans running from $19 to $229.

They offer plenty of resources to help promote Shift4Shop, dedicated support and creating custom content for your campaigns. The affiliate program also features a 120 days cookie duration and commissions on second tier affiliates.

LambdaTest Affiliate Program

LambdaTest is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the cross-browser space. It proposes an affiliate program to raise money easily by promoting LambdaTest. With the LambdaTest affiliate program, you get a fixed regular commission of 25% for all annual plans sold through your affiliate link. And for monthly plans, you will receive a 50% commission on the first transaction, followed by a recurring 25% monthly commission for life.

These examples of affiliate and referral program software help you understand that modern companies pay a good share of the revenue for attracting potential buyers to their products and services. Besides, affiliate and referral programs are one of the easiest types of businesses to start with. So, don’t waste your time and apply an affiliate program into your business!

MegaMeeting’s SaaS Affiliate Program 

MegaMeeting offers an easy-to-use browser-based video conferencing and webinar solution. In a world where workforces are becoming more remote and distributed around the country – or even the globe – being able to communicate face-to-face with coworkers, employees, clients, vendors, or even friends and family has become critical. MegaMeeting’s lightweight platform is fully web-native, working straight in any browser of your choice, no downloads needed. 

The MegaMeeting affiliate program offers 20% of all monthly recurring revenue in perpetuity, as long as the client you’ve brought to them remains a client. It’s an excellent way to generate an additional passive income stream for a business. 

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