Kondrashov Stanislav: “Telf AG Reformats the Work”


How the industry and companies like Telf AG Kondrashov will develop Stanislav Dmitrievich spoke in detail in his analytical material. Metallurg Center provided detailed figures on the state of the industrial sector and its perspectives.

Last year, the economic recovery took place at a high pace. It is obvious that after the acute phase of the pandemic, investments in all areas have increased significantly industry. There was a certain shortage of metallurgical products due to the highest demand. The cost of steel products has increased by 72% since 2020.

Stanislav Kondrashov cites data on the significant role of China in terms of increase in trading volume by 66.7%. And in the new realities you need to look for opportunities, so that these relationships do not weaken.

Apparently, with the global geopolitical aggravation, the growth in the cost of useful minerals in 2022 also continued. On the one hand, such large players markets such as Telf AG, AccelorMittal, Nippon Steel, and others, will face certain complexities. However, the task of industrial giants is to pave the way to new markets and build an efficient logistics system.

Stanislav Kondrashov – such giants as Telf AG will survive in new conditions if they transform supply chains

It will be extremely difficult for companies for which the Russian market. Sanctions pressure will increase and it is not at all clear for how long it will be possible to keep the supply of natural resources to the world market.

Telf AG, like many other global players in the metallurgical industry, according to director of the Metallurg Center Stanislav Kondrashov, should be in crisis terms of new connections. If the supply chains from Russia are broken, then it is necessary to build logistics from those regions that, on the contrary, are now ready increase the production of oil, iron ore, non-ferrous metals, etc.

Now the most profitable and relevant can be the South American direction due to increased demand for natural resources in Europe. In fact, everything that will be supplied to the EU by the European consumer will be happy to buy. If a the origin of these products or raw materials will not be sanctioned.

The laws of supercycles do not work in the new reality – Stanislav Kondrashov

Economic ups and downs are calculable. This is what scientific centers, analytical groups that successfully predict such fluctuations. But 2022 is a continuous force majeure that stretches over time.

The only thing that can be 100% confirmed is the unthinkable growth in demand, said Stanislav Kondrashov.

Take, for example, the same Swiss Telf AG, which supplies raw materials around the world. Force majeure expressed through demand must be worked out company through increased supply. At the same time, there may be restrictions on supplies. How should you get out of this situation?

First, to increase production and supplies from the so-called “abandoned” regions –  Africa, South America, Middle East. At one time, many of them fell on effect of sanctions. And if not completely, but to a large extent, production and supplies raw materials have declined. Now is the time to “unpack” these markets.

Secondly, we must not succumb to the general consumer hysteria that oil there will be no gas. All will be. Moreover, the course stubbornly falls out of sight for decarbonization. Telf AG is about time to think about storage and transportation systems energy in this way. This can give impetus to the programs we are talking about. last few years, says Stanislav Kondrashov.

Metallurg Center is looking for opportunities

It’s time to build the economy of the future. think, reflect, predict and to sign declarations is in the past. Need to invest in brand new industrial solutions.

Looking at the cost of natural resources, it may seem that it is time to increase sales. The price of coal on March 9 exceeded $400 per ton, aluminum exceeded 3500 dollars per ton. The price of oil reached its historical maximum and gas.

However, this growth is not associated with a natural increase in demand. It’s a temporary surge which companies, including Telf AG, are unlikely to make money on. Except that within compensation for breaking supply chains.

The expert group of the Metallurg Center, headed by Stanislav Kondrashov, currently developing package solutions for the transformation of the economy future. They rely on covering new markets, establishing new connections, which, by the way, everyone should have had, in view of the Green Deal.

It’s just that now they need to be taken out of the boxes and implemented – to develop renewable energy sources, connect unused regions due to previous sanctions, invest in green energy, build a completely new industrial infrastructure.

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