Klim Komarov: Highlights of the Entrepreneur’s Biography

Klim Komarov

Klim Komarov: Biography Summary

Klim Komarov is a well-known Russian businessman. He invests in various industries, including the agricultural sector. Klim Komarov is a member of the Board of Directors of the Rimera Group, one of the leading oilfield service holdings in Russia.

Mr. Komarov’s investment interests lie in various areas. He believes in promising future of the agricultural start-ups centered on innovative farming technologies. 

He is actively involved in the strategic management of a company that manufactures packaging products.

Klim Komarov is the executive head of Agroexport 168, one of his projects. The company is engaged in food export to the Asian markets. It opened its own representative office in China, which brought the opportunity to boost the operating efficiency in the Asian countries.

Agroexport 168 – Export Support

Agroexport 168 collaborates with leading Russian agricultural producers. Klim Komarov’s company provides consulting services and helps arrange exports to expand the supply capacity. In 2021, the company was awarded a grant for rapid development.

Agroexport 168 provides a full range of advisory services to align the products with quality, certification and workflow requirements, and upgrade the producers’ manufacturing capacities. The company follows market trends and consistently updates its range of products and solutions offered to exporters. Over the recent years, the holding has successfully diversified its exports by adding various product types and substantially expanded the shipping geography to enhance its economic efficiency.

To foster and strengthen partnerships with foreign companies, the Agroexport 168 holding participated in SIAL (Shanghai) and Prodexpo (Moscow) exhibitions and other Russian and international agricultural shows. Mr. Komarov regularly attends business forums, conferences and other meetings, where he shares his experience and learns new trends.

Klim Komarov

Entrepreneurial Activity

Klim Komarov graduated from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. He started his career in 2016 – the first job of a young specialist was Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant, one of the largest metallurgical plants in Russia. This job offered him an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and learn teamwork skills, which came into play later as he started his own business.

Klim Komarov founded TD Terra-Stal (a part of the Alterra Group). This project is a success story of his promising business idea. The holding supplied pipes for the oil and gas industry, offered service maintenance, and produced a number of materials within the import substitution initiative.

Interesting Facts

  • Mr. Komarov’s father is Andrei Komarov, a philanthropist and entrepreneur.
  • The businessman collects works of art.
  • Klim Komarov always makes sure to include sports in his weekly schedule. He enjoys running and participates in marathons.
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