Japanese Mail Order Bride Guide: How To Really Find Japan Bride

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Perfect stay-at-home wives—Japanese girls are a perfect option for those who want a trad wife.

Well, at least, that’s what American men interested in Japanese mail order brides think. In fact, there are lots of stereotypes about submissive and shy Japanese brides, and they are the only—or at least the main—driven force that fuels the Western men’s desire to find a Japanese woman.

Here, you’ll find all you need—we’ll explain who Japanese brides are, why they are like this, and how to find a Japanese mail order bride. The list of the best dating sites with Japanese girls is also included!

Best dating sites to find Japanese women

  1. Eastern Honeys — thousands of Japanese girls and a very simple interface. The registration is 100% free!
  2. Cute Asian Woman — a website with thousands of Japanese ladies searching for a foreign husband and a very good Android app for those who prefer mobile dating.
  3. Asian Melodies — has a top set of features and a very easy-to-use website interface. One of the best dating sites with Japanese women for those who value simplicity.
  4. Date Nice Asian — if a simple live chat isn’t enough for you, you’ll find what you need here. Gifts, video chat, phone calls, and a ton of other premium features.
  5. Date Asian Woman — one of the best Japanese mail order brides with thousands of beautiful Japanese brides, lots of communication tools (there is a video chat here!), and a great Android app.

Japanese girls are not trad wife material. In fact, Japanese ladies are very complex and deep—the mindset and the values of Japanese brides are deeply rooted in Japanese cultural concepts, history, and society. You should understand Japanese brides much better than “they are family-centered” or “they are career-oriented” before you meet a Japanese woman and date her. And we highly recommend using the following decent sites to meet these gorgeous beauties.

Want to meet Japanese women? Read the top 4 reasons to do it online

We limited your options from “meet Japanese women” to “meet Japanese women online” quite a bit right off the bat. The thing is, that’s the only way international dating with Asian ladies can work and that’s the only answer to the question how to find mail order brides?”. There are lots of beautiful Japanese women for marriage, there are lots of international marriages between Japanese ladies and American men, and you can find a Japanese wife, too—but not if you do it offline. Here are the four main reasons why Japanese mail order bride dating websites are your first step to a happy married life with a Japanese girl:

  1. It’s cheap and convenient. Approaching local women on the streets of Tokyo trying to meet your future Japanese wife can work, but it’s extremely expensive. Finding your future wife from Japan offline will cost you at least $1,500-$2,000 (and $800 for a ticket)—and remember, there is no guarantee you will find a Japanese wife this way; basically, there is no guarantee you will even find a Japanese girl looking for marriage if you go to Japan! The mail order Japanese brides platforms are, in turn, full of Japanese mail order brides who have a clear winner in the Japanese men vs Western men fight. An average online dating platform to find a Japanese lady will, in turn, cost you around $50-$100 per month—and you don’t even need to leave your home to chat with all those Japanese women!
  2. Unlike women on the streets of Tokyo, women on Japanese mail order bride websites are basically your targeted audience because they want to meet a foreigner. They often think foreign guys are better than men from their home country—there are lots of such women in Japan and that’s why they are searching for foreign men from Western countries on international dating sites.
  3. It’s much faster than going offline. Finding a Japanese mail order girlfriend on one of the dating sites will likely take around 1-5 days (because, as we’ve just said, they are not just beautiful women from Japan—they do really want to become foreign brides). It’s much more comfortable, convenient, and fast than going to Tokyo and approaching women on the streets.
  4. With these dating websites, you do not need to worry about the language barrier in Japan because almost all Japanese mail order wives who use Japanese bride platforms can speak English quite well. There is, however, a cultural barrier thing you need to be aware of. All those cultural differences really matter—so you need to be respectful of the culture of Japan and to understand that it’s much more than just “drink sake, watch manga, and eat sushi”.

Japanese mail order brides cost

You can’t “buy Japanese wife”, obviously. The process of getting a wife from this country looks like this:

  1. You find a Japanese wife online and chat with her
  2. You meet her and propose to her
  3. You marry her in Japan/in the US
  4. She enters the US and gets a green card

On each of these steps, you’ll have to pay for various services (interaction online and dating IRL), documents (applying for visa), or items (presents).

How much to get a Japanese girl online?

First of all, you will have to chat with foreign brides online. The websites with beautiful ladies from Japan (including the ones from our ranking) typically cost around $50-$100 per month.

But it’s not a rule—you can spend $50 if you only use live chat/text messages or you can spend up to $500 if you are going to spend hours in video chat.

Meeting Japanese women in person: how much will you pay?

You must meet a mail order bride before you marry her and before she enters the US on a K1 fiance(e) visa. This means you’ll need to buy tickets, to pay for hotel and transportation, and to pay for entertainment and restaurants. Here’s how much it costs:

  • Tickets to Tokyo—$950
  • Hotel room—$70 per night
  • Transportation (taxi, buses)—$25-50 per day
  • Entertainment—$80 per day
  • Restaurants—$50-$70 for 1 person

The wedding, however, is much more expensive than that.

Why a Japanese wedding is out of sight (and how to make it more frugal)

how to make it more frugal

Despite the latest trends (such as Western-style white weddings), most Japanese are quite old-fashioned when it comes to their wedding traditions.

Unfortunately, traditions are expensive.

A designer wedding dress, for example, costs around $1,500-$2,500 in Tokyo while a traditional wedding kimono will cost you $3,500-$6,000. This can be applied to anything, from the place (restaurants are cheaper than Shinto shrines) to the food (food ordered from a local restaurant is cheaper than a traditional delicious dinner made by an itamae). Symbolic gifts, magical art stuff, flowers, numerous accessories, gift bags for guests, and lots of other things—if you go the full mile, you will have to spend around $30,000-$40,000 for a wedding in Japan.

Getting your Japanese wife to the US: a full cost breakdown

  1. K1 visa will cost you around $1,000 ($535 for I-129F, $265 for a visa fee, $100-150 for a medical exam)
  2. The green card costs $1,225 (form I-485)
  3. The tickets from Tokyo to New York cost $950
  4. The educational credential evaluation costs $200

Japanese brides: legal or in a grey area?

It’s absolutely legal to take your wife from Japan to the United States. Your future wife should have no problems with entering the US and getting a green card. Here’s how it works:

  • You meet in person at least once (it’s a requirement for K-1 visa applicants.
  • Then, you file an I-129F petition. After that, your fiancee will file a DS-160 visa application and submit it.
  • Then, she will have to visit the K1 visa interview.
  • After that, she’ll be able to enter the US—once she arrives, you can get married in the United States.
  • When it’s done, she will need to file a green card application to become a permanent resident.

K1 visa interview: What you and your Japanese bride must know about it

The K1 interview is the interview your foreign bride needs to attend to get a K-1 visa. The interview lasts 10-40 minutes and its main goal is to establish whether your relationship is bona fide (genuine). The questions are typically centered on your background and your bride’s background, on your relationship (there will be lots of personal details), and on your marriage/after marriage plans. The questions may include anything from “when is your birthday?” to “does your partner have siblings and have you met them before?” or “when was his house bought?” The most common red flags for the US consulate officers are large age difference (more than 10 years), short relationship timeline, and contradictions in the answers. However, these are not the only red flags.

3 reasons why your Japanese wife will NOT get her visa

To avoid unpleasant situations, find out what can prevent you from successful marriage and a happy wife.

  1. Your income is insufficient. The income of a sponsor of the K1 visa applicant must be at least 100% of the HSS Poverty Guidelines which is $12,880 for a 1-person family/household ($17,420 for 2 people)
  2. Your relationship is secretive. If your/her friends, family, or colleagues are unaware of your plans and relationship, this can be a problem for USCIS officers. However, it’s not a red flag, it’s just a factor for suspicion.
  3. You have no plans to marry in 90 days. The K1 visa is valid for 90 days after the arrival of a bride. That’s why it’s necessary for you to prove that you’re going to marry within 3 months. Wedding invitations, bookings, and receipts will help in most cases.

Why choose Japanese woman for marriagewoman for marriage

What makes Japanese brides so desirable? Why do lots of Americans want to have such a wife? Are Japanese people really traditional/calm/career-oriented as thousands of Westerners think? And what else do you need to know before you find a Japanese girl looking for marriage?

There are two things we want to talk about here: their outer beauty and their inner beauty. Let’s begin with the first one.

Outer Beauty—diets, style, elegance

Asian beauty is exactly what attracts lots of Western men who want to find a Japanese wife.  Slim face, petite figures, curly eyelashes, long legs, light skin—Japanese women look great both at a young age and an older age.

We could talk about their diets and traditional cultural concepts such as hara hachi bun me (eat until 80% full), as well as about lots of other factors why Japanese ladies are so attractive. But it’s not just about how their faces and figures look; it’s also about their sense of style and elegance.  Even when they dress casually and wear Western-style clothing, the unwritten dress code is always in the air. The fashion statement of many women in Japan is modesty—but it’s a trendy and stylish modesty.

Inner Beauty—wa, hansei, honne and tatemae

We are going to provide you some cultural background here—because the girls from Japan aren’t just beautiful ladies, they are also great when it comes to their character and personality traits.

In short, Japanese women are modern, intelligent, and educated. But at the same time, they have traditional values—this is determined by Japanese cultural concepts and values. There are at least 3 concepts worth mentioning.

  • The concept of “wa” makes Japanese girls value harmony—family harmony in particular—over their personal interests.
  • The concept of “hansei” has a lot of life wisdom. It makes Japanese women almost perfect when it comes to relationships. Hansei helps with one of the biggest relationship issues—inability to apologize and to admit you’re wrong. In Western culture, admitting a mistake is often considered difficult for one’s self-image. Japanese girls have no problems with taking responsibility for their actions, admitting when they’re wrong, and therefore becoming a better version of themselves.
  • The concept of “honne and tatemae” is responsible for calmness and serenity. Because of it, Japanese women are just great when it comes to avoiding disagreement and confrontation.

“Overwhelmed with work” stereotype vs “traditional wife” stereotype

There are lots of stereotypes about Japanese ladies in the West, and one of them sounds like this: Japanese women for marriage are very traditional and family-centered. On the other hand, there are lots of people in the US who think the family life with a woman from Japan is not going to be a bed of roses because Japanese people are extremely hard-working. Which of these is true?


They are neither 100% family-centered nor 100% career-oriented. On the one hand, there is a popular “good wife, wise mother” concept in Japan that sums up the feminine ideal embraced by Japanese society. On the other hand, the roles of women in the workforce in Japan have changed dramatically since the 1980s. As a result, modern Japanese women experience both fulfillment in their careers and joy in being wives and mothers.


How much is Japanese mail order bride?

First of all, you will have to meet your bride—1 week in Japan will cost around $3,000-$4,000. The K1 visa costs around $2,000 (including the green card application fee), and the wedding in Japan can cost anything between $10,000-$40,000.

How to find mail order wife from Japan?

You can find Japanese women for marriage on the streets of Tokyo or Osaka, but it’s pretty expensive and time-consuming. But you don’t need to waste so much time and money if you go online—the only thing you have to do is to choose an online dating platform, sign up, and start chatting with mail order brides.

Is Japanese mail order bride legal?

Yes, it’s 100% legal. If your relationship is genuine and your bride from Japan gets approved at the K1 visa interview, she’ll be able to enter the US on a K1 (fiance(e) visa.  You marry in 90 days after arrival, then she gets a green card, and in 3 years, she can apply for US citizenship.

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