Items You May Have That Are Worth a Lot

Personal Objects

It’s not a new thing for people these days to want to find ways to earn some extra money. We’ve been trying to find the perfect way that fits our daily lives for a while now. Some people have the time to pet sit for others, others have a part time job, and some sell or rent things in their possession that they don’t particularly need or want. Today we’ll be focusing on the latter. It’s the easiest way nowadays to make some quick extra cash without having to do much work. We have compiled a list of things that you may or may not have in your possession that you should consider selling if you don’t have any need for them.

Old magazines

Many old magazines, and we’re talking about around a decade or elder, can be sold for quite some money. Certain kinds of vintage magazines will sell a lot better than others, but that is for you to find out in the market for old magazines. Collecting old magazines isn’t something we really think about doing, many of us just buy these little books and just never think to throw them away. Some people just don’t want to throw them out in case they will read them again. But to be honest, no one really re-reads magazines anymore, so they are simply collecting dust. If you have some, try and sell them and see how much you can get.

IPv4 addresses

We use IPv4 addresses to help our computers and other devices communicate with other computers and devices using the internet. But many people or businesses have a few or a bulk of them laying around, not being used. Well ever since the amount of IPv4 addresses has dwindled to nothing, the price for a single address has been climbing higher and higher. If you do have some and definitely consider selling them if they aren’t being used. However, to sell IPv4 addresses you will need to get into contact with an IP broker for help.

Old McDonald’s happy meal toys

When we were kids, getting a happy meal toy was the highlight of eating at McDonald’s. It’s a fun little memento to play with and the magic of going to McDonald’s is extended just a while longer. Well, now that we’re adults we have no use in playing with those old toys. Though, these toys have become somewhat of a collector’s item over the years. If you still have one or two you can definitely get a quick buck in selling them.

Vintage Apple products

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies and brands in the world. There is not one person who doesn’t know about Apple. Some people absolutely swear by it and won’t ever stray from apple products, others couldn’t care less and have a bad taste in their mouth if they even have to mention the Apple company. However, there are certain people who take their appreciation for Apple to another level. If you happen to have an old Apple computer, it can be sold for thousands online.

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