Is it Safe to Play Real Money Slots if based in New Zealand?

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Playing real money slots while based in New Zealand is tricky, you need to make sure you are using a provider based internationally. This means that there is a bigger chance that hackers and thieves could attack you – visit and play King Casino.


Ensuring safety whilst using slots is incredibly important, this is because you are playing with real money. Although it may seem unlikely, any time you are playing with real money can be dangerous. This is because you may accidentally over bet or spend too much cash and end up causing yourself some financial harm. There is also the possibility of hackers and thieves stealing your personal information and taking money from your account. Essentially ensuring safety whilst using real money slots is very important for players.  

What to Avoid 

When playing real money slot games, whilst based in New Zealand, players need to remember a few things. There are certain signs that they can lookout for which will indicate that a site is not as trustworthy as it first appears. 

  1. Bad reviews – The biggest indication as to whether a site is going to be trustworthy or not is the feedback it receives from fellow players. This does not mean the feedback received from professional reviews but rather what players are saying in the online slot community, the chances are that if a site is bad, they will have said.
  2. Asks for personal information – One of the biggest indicators that a site is not to be trusted is what personal information it requests off of a player. If you join a site and it asks uncomfortable questions about your personal life, beyond what is necessary, the chances are that the site is fraudulent and should be reported to the relevant authorities.
  3. Not verified – A slot game which is not verified by the appropriate authorities, such as the gamblign commission, can be big trouble for players. This is because the slot game may not work for players, if it is riddled with glitches how can it payout appropriate amounts to players. Make sure that every slot game you use has been verified by the appropriate authorities and comes from a reputable developer. 

Lookout for 

When choosing a slot game, there are several things that players can lookout for which will indicate that the slot is trustworthy. The following are some of the major things to try to spot. 

• Developers – A good way to find out if a slot is trustworthy is by looking at who developed it. The chances are that if you haven’t heard of the slot developer, the game will not be legitimate. Always google a developer before using a game to make sure that they are actually real.

• Quality features – If a slot game has good features, such as nice bonuses and great graphics, the chances are that they are trustworthy. This is because these are expensive to produce, they are something only legit developers would be able to do. 

Final Thoughts 

When choosing your slot game, make sure they were made by a reputable developer and are independently verified by the gambling commission.

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