Is Compass Real Estate a Legitimate Business?

Compass Real Estate

You are always encouraged to read reviews and do research on any company you deal with. Buying or selling property is no different. With so much money involved on either side of the transaction, you want someone you trust. In your search, you may already have come across Compass, but are they legitimate?

Negative reviews

Compass Real Estate has received both positive and negative reviews, but so do many companies. While positive reviews are always preferable, it’s important to have a balanced view of any company. Not everyone has the same expectations or needs when buying or selling property. The less favorable reviews for Compass predominantly focussed on a lack of communication and some people who felt they had a low number of offers.

This may lead some potential clients to wonder, is Compass real estate legit? However, the level of communication can vary depending on the agent, but also relies on them having information to relay to the client. So, if few or no offers or expressions of interest are made, there will be less need to contact them. Despite this, with the rise in agents Compass is attracting, many will know the importance of keeping in touch, even if just to inform the client there has been little interest, and to discuss options.

The lack of interest in some properties can also have underlying factors which are out of Compass’s control and could happen with any real estate agent.

Questions about investments

Some of the concerns over how legitimate Compass Real Estate is stemmed from the high-profile investors they attracted. Some thought they might be a pyramid scheme, but these investments have gone into the technology Compass now use to make it easier to sell homes for their clients. Since then, they have become the fourth-largest brokerage in the US and attracted more professional real estate agents to help with the extra clients they have gained This has made more money, for Compass, their investors, and the homeowners they work with to sell their property at the best price. So, these successes confirm that Compass is legitimate.

A licensed real estate agent

Compass is fully licensed and has worked with home buyers and sellers across the US. They have helped homeowners sell by handling the process, including marketing their property to attract potential buyers, arranging viewings or open houses, and using their expertise to negotiate and get the best price for their clients.

Compass agents working on behalf of the buyer will help by finding properties that match their specific requirements. So, they won’t have to waste time looking at homes that are too big or small or lack the amenities they need. Compass has access to information on homes for sale which aren’t listed on public websites, widening the options which buyers have.

With Compass’s successes and rapid growth in recent years, it’s natural that not everyone will be happy with their experiences, and some will question the real estate agent’s legitimacy. However, Compass has many happy clients who have successfully sold their homes at a good price, and buyers who are now living in their dream homes.

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