Is Bitcoin Wrong with the Environment?

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There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the world’s most famous coin, and there are many investors who are spending money and making trades in this currency around the world, but they are not aware of the side effects of Bitcoin on the environment. Bitcoin is wrong with the environment, and it is true, but to understand the process, you must know the backend process of Bitcoin. It is easy to paste the address of another Bitcoin wallet and transfer the Bitcoin. Still, in the 10 minutes of the period, Bitcoin mining machines produce too much heat and use too much electricity, which costs the environment. So Bitcoin is not environmentally friendly. To start Bitcoin trading you need to visit

Power consumption in Bitcoin mining

You have the basic knowledge of bitcoin’s backend process, called mining. When you transfer bitcoin from your bitcoin software wallet, the transaction does not immediately deposit to the receiver’s wallet. Still, it goes through the process known as mining, where miners check the transactions by solving the complex mathematical algorithms using their mining resources like mining hardware, electricity power, cooling fans, software and mining skills, etc.

So it becomes very complex for the small countries to mine bitcoins because there is a need for the proper power supply, and bitcoin mining consumes a lot of power supply. So in countries like Romania, it creates problems to mine bitcoin. Some countries entirely restrict bitcoin mining because the government knows that it cannot be under their control and it will use a lot of the country’s resources.

Power consumption of a single Bitcoin transaction

Every American’s 60-day household power consumption equals a single bitcoin transaction’s power consumption, and it is too high to bear the electricity cost for a country. Therefore, every bitcoin transaction uses the power supply of 1785.5 kilowatt-hours, equal to the sixty days of an American’s household power supply.

So every single day, there are a lot of bitcoin transactions that use a lot of electrical power from different countries because there is no central authority of the bitcoin system, i.e., every miner has to work from home if they are an individual.

Use of renewable energy

Some countries banned bitcoin mining to prevent renewable energy waste, and China is the best example that banned bitcoin mining from saving energy resources. Many bitcoin miners moved from China to other countries after banning bitcoin mining because mining was employed. Every bitcoin miner makes 250456.88 dollars after successfully mining a block of the transaction, and an ordinary worker gets less than 0.05 percent of the mining reward of miners.

So there are a lot of miners who try to use renewable energy to decrease the power supply cost so they can make more money by spending less, but renewable energy harms the environment. If you produce the energy through coal and oil, the dirty gas will make the environment harmful. Renewable energy means using coal, oil, gasses, wind, water pressure, sunlight, etc.

Suppose miners use the generators with the oil to produce the energy for the mining. In that case, generators will produce harmful carbon dioxide and other glasses because generators will work 24/7 days.

Electronic waste

Every machinery has a limited age. After using or depreciating, we have two options: to repair the machinery and reuse it, and the second is to throw away the old machinery and buy a new one. Since bitcoin mining requires mining hardware machinery that produces massive heat for mining bitcoin transactions, and after a few years of use, hardware started lacking in mining and output with shallow and slow results. So miners cannot repair their old mining hardware; instead, they prefer to purchase the new one. Since there was no use for the old hardware machinery, they threw it away in waste, and after some time, the machinery started leaking, and all the gasses and dirty oil mixed in the air and soil. It is harmful to the environment.


There is no proof that bitcoin is environmentally friendly because the number of nodes is rapidly rising. Increasing the nodes makes it more complex to mine bitcoin blocks that consume more and more electricity. So if there is more electricity consumption, then machines will get more heated and produce harmful gasses and oil that is bad for the environment.

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