Investing in Liquid Gold

Whisky is rapidly becoming the new wine as people look for different ways of investing and growing their cash. Independent whisky expert Dominic Roskrow looks in to the rise of liquid gold.

In October 2011 The Dalmore made headline news around the world after selling an exclusive bottle of whisky for a record breaking £125,000.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, as the brand has some form in this area. It was the first distillery to sell a bottle for a six figure sum in the form of Trinitas in 2010. Two bottles were snapped up by collectors for £100,000 each at launch, and a third sold through Harrods at £120,000 six months later.

Both of these industry milestones captured the imagination of the media and proved that whisky is now a viable investment opportunity.

Recent analysis carried out by Whisky Highland, an investment house specialising in so called “liquid gold”, backs this up. According to their statistics, if you had invested £100,000 in the top 10 performing bottles back in 2008 they would now be worth more than £400,000 – an incredible gain of more than 300%.

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