Investing in Flatbed Trucks for Passive Income: 3 Strategies That Work


In the road transport market, a large number of orders are carried out by small companies or private entrepreneurs using their own vehicles. That is why this field of activity attracts more and more new participants. Investing in flatbed truck and continuing to use it to transport goods will be one of the best decisions. Moreover, today there are many models of this type of transport on the market, so it will not be difficult to buy a flatbed truck.

What is known about flatbed trucks

Flatbed truck for sale is one of the most common types of trucks. It is very convenient for loading and unloading and transporting various kinds of goods. These vehicles can be unloaded from both sides, providing easy access to the load. One type of flatbed truck is a dump truck.

А flatbed truck:

  • differs in economical fuel consumption;
  • does not require large expenses for its functioning;
  • characterized by its versatility.

How can you make money with a flatbed truck?

Flatbed trucks are a popular mode of transport for both businesses and individuals. They are often used to transport large items such as furniture, large household appliances, agricultural products and more. Flatbed trucks can also be used to move large quantities of oversized cargo quickly and easily.

Here are 3 strategies for passive income on the use of flatbed trucks. For all of these strategies, you will need to hire a driver and include this expense in your business plan.

Working in a taxi

You can work in a taxi service that provides road transportation. To do this, you only need a small flatbed truck.

The advantages of such activities are obvious – there is a constant flow of orders. However, the success of your business will also depend on the dispatcher offering the transportation of goods to specific addresses. In addition, you will have to pay a percentage of the profits of the company you work for. Although you can consider an independent search for clients, but for this you will need a good advertising company.

Goods delivery

1. to online stores

As the number of online stores continues to grow, additional transport is sometimes required to deliver ordered items. Young online platforms do not always want to work with large transport companies. This is due to high prices and competition. Therefore, the most promising option for an entrepreneur-driver is to convince a developing online store of their own reliability.

If there are not enough orders from one seller, you can try to conclude an agreement with several online store services at once.

 2. to shopping centers

The way to make money by transporting finished products from small producers to stationary points of sale does not lose its relevance today. Compact trucks continue to be of interest to small businesses and local industries. Therefore, buying a flatbed truck is useful for those who decide:

  • to transport furniture according to individual orders,
  • serve a small bakery,
  • help a paving slab company make deliveries, and so on.

3. intercity transportation

Long trips by car are not always cost-effective. However, many people who want to buy a flatbed truck may set up a long distance freight forwarding business in the future.

The advantages of this business include the absence of delays due to traffic jams and the ability to receive a large amount for one order. In addition, flatbed truck prices are very affordable.

Participation in seasonal agricultural work and traveling trade

An important source of income for many entrepreneurs who are engaged in freight transportation is the seasonal sale of agricultural products. Logistics in this area is far from ideal, thanks to this feature, it is quite easy for flatbed truck owners to find a place in this type of business, because often local farmers are forced to search for a delivery truck on their own. By establishing contact with entrepreneurs, you can provide yourself with work for the whole season. Transportation of vegetables and fruits in most cases does not require the involvement of special equipment, so a standard flatbed truck is also suitable.

There are also many remote settlements where there are no supermarkets or decent shops that fully satisfy the needs of local residents. Outbound trade on a flatbed truck will expand the range of goods for village buyers and replenish the carrier’s wallet. At the same time, goods can be different: from milk and bread to nails and a hammer.

However, in order to trade, you will have to obtain a license from local authorities, as well as a number of other documents, depending on the type of products sold. The preferred option is traveling trade in summer cottages and cottage settlements. In such settlements, there are not enough stores of their own, and often wealthy people who are accustomed to the diversity of the range of urban supermarkets live.

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