International Business with 1Sterling. A New Look on B2B Money Transfers, Payment Accounts and More


In recent years, fintech products have significantly developed. Today they can compete with banks in the majority of financial services areas. Moreover, they incorporate main attributes inherent to private products such as service speed, openness, high level of customer support and others. A great example of such a private financial product is Sterling Payment Services. Let’s take a closer look at what it can do and how it can be useful for your business.

About 1Sterling

Sterling Payment is a fintech company that aims to provide their customers with payment solutions and to offer unique financial services. Based in Hong Kong, the company works with clients from all over the world and in different currencies including crypto.

The services provided by Sterling payment

Some of the most popular services provided by 1Sterling are: money transfers, currency exchange, opening of direct payment accounts as well as opening private and business accounts for international SWIFT payments. Despite being limited to the EU region at the moment, the company also issues bank cards. In addition, Sterling Payment has a fiat to crypto exchange service in place for the crypto market players.

Working with 1Sterling. What is it about?

Although money remittance services for individual use have been around for a while, they are now also available for b2b companies. If using 1Sterling, securing payments for your international contractors can be done without going to a physical bank. So, what is Sterling Payment about?

1. It’s about trust

Registered in Hong Kong, the company follows local and international financial laws and has all the necessary documentation allowing it to function legally. Just like any other well-established financial institution, 1Sterling requires compliance procedures to be completed before opening an account. At the same time, these procedures are carried out much faster and are as clear as can be, which is often not the case in traditional banks.

2. It’s about fair pricing

The fees at Sterling Payment are based on how risky is the industry which your business operates in. Industries with a high-risk level have higher fees than those which operate in spheres with less risk. That’s fair enough.

3. It’s about perks and flexibility of a private product

Sterling has a user-friendly website and a mobile app which are accessible 24/7. The same goes for customer support, which specialists will almost definitely speak your language. The transactions will rarely take more than a few hours to be completed. And last but not least – the compliance policy is not as strict as the one a bank would have, giving your business more freedom.

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