Improve your Recruiting Efforts with this Tool

Recruiting Efforts

Whether you are a growing company and looking to fill newly created roles or it’s time to replace an employee that’s recently left, it’s extremely important to be aware of how long the process is. This might be surprising to learn, but the turn around from when a job is posted to when it’s filled is typically over a month. 

That’s why it’s extremely crucial to close that gap as much as possible. As everyone knows, that’s only so doable since not everyone is going to give a notice when they leave. Whether they do so or not, bringing in some extra tools can really make all the difference in getting back up to speed so why not have a tool that can do it all? For those looking for it, there’s no better tool than bringing in an applicant tracking system and here’s why.

Let Some Of The Work Happen For You

Recruiting looks a little different than it used to thanks to all the advancements over the last few years. Automation used to seem like a frightening idea but now it’s become a normal part of our everyday lives both in a professional and personal sense. When using an ATS (applicant tracking system) plenty of the heavy lifting is going to be done for you. 

That has nothing to do with laziness but we can imagine how helpful that’s going to be because of all of the different hats many of us wear throughout the day. All the automation does here is makes sure things stay on task when it comes to the effectiveness of finding that perfect candidate. 

The Right Candidates In Front Of You

The ultimate goal of recruiting is to obviously bring the best candidates into the organization. While that might sound simple enough from the outside looking in, you know there’s plenty of steps in making that happen. With an ATS, not only is it going to be easier to organize which candidates applied to which open position but there’s also going to be plenty more information. 

Most open positions are going to be posted on more than one job board and with an ATS, you’ll be able to easily track who found your posting on which site. Not only will this help with your current openings but it’ll also provide an insight as to which job boards provide the most value for you.

Reach People On Their Terms

Recruiting isn’t the only thing that looks different today compared to what was normal a few years, or even a decade, ago. In general, how we commute is also just as different. Sure, we’ve needed texting for plenty of years but all that can be done via text is completely different from the world we had before smartphones. 

By bringing in an ATS, you’re able to reach potential candidates on their terms and communicate in a way that’s easy and convenient for them. Not only will you be able to text to let them know they are perfect for an interview but they’ll also be able to schedule right from a scheduling link you are able to provide for them via the ATS.

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