IB Finanzas Review- Our In Depth Insights On The Brokerage Platform


An online trading platform that operates worldwide 24/7, IB Finanzas is home to numerous assets.

The IB Finanzas Tool Kit

IB Finanzas offers a comprehensive blog to educate its investors about key terminologies. Similarly, the news tab keeps investors updated about financial market news as it occurs.

Under IB Finanzas’s resources tab, you will find a range of educational videos. These are specifically for the benefit of the investor. These videos aim to educate the client about the various types of assets, their trading benefits and downsides, the best strategies to trade particular assets and how to build a portfolio from scratch.portfolio from scratch

Client Support Facilities With IB Finanzas

IB Finanzas has invested in a dedicated support staff. Their team is available for clients round the clock via telephone, online chat window and also email.

Response time over email is 24 hours and online chat is immediate. The client support is polite and helpful. Often, if they are unable to answer your query, they redirect you to another, more experienced advisor.

Accounts Tailored To The Client

IB Finanzas offers a variety of accounts for the client to choose from.

These are within the categories of:

Type Of Account Features
Basic Low deposit requirement Lots of educational content
Basic Pro Upgrade from Basic More Trading Tools
Intermediate Lots of Assets Advanced Charts
Intermediate Plus Access to Crypto
Expert VIP access to major CFDs
Institutional VIP access to major Crypto’s


The Journey With IB Finanzas

Account Opening Procedure

Once you have decided to start your financial trading journey with IB Finanzas, your next step is to open an account.

The first step is to sign up with your email address. You will receive an email prompt to verify it before proceeding to the next step.

Second, you need to input your details in order for the platform to build a profile for you.

Third, you will need to upload documentation that verifies your identification and your registered address. This can be in the form of your passport or driving license and the proof of address can be in form of your bank statement or GP letter.

Funding Your Account

Once the platform has built your profile and your identity has been verified, you can start funding your account.

IB Finanzas accepts PayPal, Wire Transfers, Debit and Credit cards to fund your account. The funds can take up to 3 working days to show in your account.

Safety And Security Of Funds And Data

When it comes to the digital space, hacking and theft is on the rise. Therefore, IB Finanzas has invested in prime security details to ensure customer data protection. This includes firewalls to thwart any hacking attacks and anti virus nets to protect transactions. Similarly, end to end encryption keeps private all transactional data.

Hence, your data and your funds are never at risk.your funds are never at risk.

The Disadvantages Of Trading With IB Finanzas

Naturally, no platform can be perfect. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages we discovered during our research of IB Finanzas were the following:

  1. No STOPLOSS feature. This places your funds at risk when the market faces a slump.
  2. High Withdrawal fees. This means withdrawing funds can be expensive for small investors

IB Finanzas insists that the withdrawal fees are only there to encourage high trading volumes and reinvestment. Further, they are working on a STOPLOSS feature to better protect its client’s investments from going in the red.

Closing Comments

We understand that deciding on a trade platform can be stressful. Hence, we did our best to give you an overview of IB Finanzas. In our research, we found IB Finanzas to be technology oriented, reliable and trustworthy for its clientele. They have all the advanced trade tools and charting features for the most expert traders while also catering to beginners in the industry.

If you wish to learn more, contact IB Finanzas via their website today.


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