How to Win the Heart of a Colombian Woman: Facts, Tips, Challenges

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In our internet age, you can lightly meet a Colombian beauty, but how to attract her attention? Colombian ladies are more emotional and have much otherness from Western women. This guide will help you find a Colombian girl and create relationships.

5 Best dating sites to meet Colombian women

Site Good For Visitors per month
La Date Who is looking the Latin love from all over the world 130K
LoveFort For making acquaintance with people from all over the world 300K
ColombiaLady For men who are interested in girls only from Colombia 250K
LatamDate For men who a potential Colombian woman inspires 260K
  LatinWomanLove For men who want to find a hot woman from South America 250K

Where to find Colombian women online

For dating a Colombian woman, you can follow just a few easy steps, and we are going to tell you a few ways with pros and cons. Finally, you decide how to meet Colombian singles.

Offline dating in Colombia


  • Easy enough for those who have free time and money. You can start when you are ready.
  • Spontaneity and exciting experience in real life.
  • Meeting women as often as you want.


  • Money question. Travel and local dating will cost you a significant sum.
  • A variant mostly for fun. You will not have time to create a profound connection.
  • Absence of opportunity to explore local mentality.

Online dating


  • You can create a strong connection with a woman before your meeting.
  • It’s elementary and common. People in almost all countries use dating platforms.
  • You can make a deep immersion in Colombian culture and decide if you really need it.


  • In your online dating, you will meet many beautiful Colombian women. It takes time to choose between them.
  • You should wait a bit to manage your and your woman’s schedules to arrange a meeting.
  • Better to know how to court a Colombian woman even at the online dating stage.

Colombian mail order brides websites as the main way to meet singles

Mail order brides’ sites were created for men and women who want to develop serious relationships with a happy end. Colombian dating sites are one of the best ways to meet a local woman for these reasons:

  • The big audience. This category of sites is trendy and has an audience from 10 000 to 1 000 000 per month, depending on the site.
  • You can meet serious beautiful women here because they are oriented on marriage, not just fun.
  • Dating with Colombian women only. In the case of an ordinary dating site, you should use geo-searching filters for finding your girl, but with Colombian women dating sites, you can make your targeting more simple and effective.

Are mail order brides illegal? No, it’s just sites with dating services for international marriages. The concept of “mail order bride” has existed for a long time and has nothing wrong with it.

Popular Colombian dating services:

  1. LoveFort
  2. La Date
  3. ColombiaLady
  4. LatamDate
  5. LatinWomanLove
Colombian girl  Source: LoveFort

Popular dating apps and sites

An alternative to mail order bride sites is popular dating apps and sites. They can focus on local or international dating. The audience of these sites is all people who want to meet singles for different relationship goals: flirting, casual dating, marriage, and many others.


  • Big audience. It can have millions of users.
  • You just hit Enter and start talking.
  • Quick connection. It’s easy to start a dialog.


  • Suitable for fast-talk. You can not write a long letter, and it’s not the mode of apps.
  • Short profiles. They are always shorter than with mail order bride sites. You can just remember your experience with apps and compare with detailed profiles at the best Colombian women dating sites, ColombiaLady or LoveFort, for example.
  • Hard to find something serious. People prefer flirting, one-night stands, or casual dating; but there are special sites for marriage looking.

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Social networks

Social networks are a place where you can find an attractive foreigner just using search geo-filters. For example, you can find a Colombian woman on Facebook or Instagram.


  • It’s free. You don’t need to pay as with dating sites like LatamDate.
  • You can find thematic Colombian groups and topics, trying to start a laid-back conversation.
  • Following the life of a woman allows you to understand her personality.


  • Hard to start a conversation. You never know if a woman is interested in dating.
  • Hard to find a reason to talk. You don’t see hooks as with dating profiles.
  • Women are wary of such acquaintances because many scammers act on social networks.

What to know about dating a Colombian beauty: 7 essential things

After analyzing blogs, statistics, and our sources, we have collected 7 essential Colombian women facts to make your dating and understanding of Colombian women more right.

Fact 1. Colombian women’s culture

Western ideas about feminism, equal rights, and the importance of a career for a woman do not touch Colombian single girls in any way. They have their view of the world with a more patriarchal tinge. For a girl from South America, traditional family values are the most important​​, and her husband is the main treasure. They accept men’s gifts, care, and attention with pleasure and gratitude, responding with their devotion and deep feelings.

Fact 2. Local women are very attached to their families

Not married or divorced adult women often live with their parents. By the way, the percentage of households where only one parent is raising children in Colombia is just 13%. But even if the girl gets married, be prepared that she will often visit her homeland and participate in the lives of her relatives as closely as possible. She will try to help financially, listen to their problems, and try to help in other ways. You will also most likely have to be aware of the whole family stuff and show at least a slight emotional reaction.

Fact 3. Local ladies value their appearance very much

Colombian culture is based on the idea that a woman should be feminine and beautiful from childhood, so plastic surgery is prevalent in the country. Women try in every way to make themselves more beautiful: with the help of clothes, cosmetology, makeup. A Colombian lady will not go out to the nearest store without makeup and high heels. The advantage for you is that such a woman will take care of herself many years after marriage.

Fact 4. Local ladies dream of having a large family

A modern family in the USA consists of 1-2 children, but in Latin America, a different scenario is common, namely 3-5 children. Of course, in Bogotá and Medellin (the second largest city in Colombia), the situation is slightly different, but most Colombian women to date are aimed at creating a large family.

Fact 5. Colombian women are cautious

Even 25 years ago, living in Colombia was unsafe due to increased violence, car bombings, civil conflicts. Thus, as children, they absorbed the fear that the world could be cruel. In addition, studies show that the percentage of violence against women in Colombia is still high. Don’t be surprised if your girl sets up a date with you in the afternoon in a crowded place or doesn’t want to come into your apartment for coffee. She just thinks about her safety, and it’s not about distrust or arrogance.

Fact 6. Colombian ladies judge by clothes

Since they are meticulous about their looks, they want to see the same from a man. Nothing ordinary, but no sporty or baggy clothes, please. If you come to a restaurant in a beautiful suite, then you have every chance to impress your lady. A Colombian lady will also appreciate a neat manicure and a stylish hairstyle. Set aside shorts and T-shirts for the beach.

Fact 7. Reverent attitude towards religion

One more important characteristic of a Colombian woman and local culture is religiosity. The Roman Catholic Church is dominant in Colombia, and the girls are susceptible to religion. They attend church services and wait for a partner to accompany them. You don’t have to do anything about it; just being near to her is enough. You should not laugh at her religious feelings or question her judgment. For a Colombian girl, this can be a reason to end a relationship.

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Find Colombian Women Here
Colombian girl  Source: La Date

5 Tips for Colombian dating: how to court a Colombian

Tip 1. Just say ‘gracias’

Colombian brides appreciate good manners, expression of feelings, warm communication, so they will be happy if you thank her often, such as finding time for a meeting or after a date.

Tip 2. Show care

Call a taxi or drive her home yourself. Your girlfriend will appreciate such a simple gesture of care. It will also be appreciated if you seek to help her solve problems with electricity, for example. Women in Colombia greatly appreciate the guardianship and masculinity of men.

Tip 3. Pay bills

Colombian dating basics on the old-fashioned version of courtship. Of course, she may offer to pay her part of the bill, but she will expect you to refuse. If you agree, she thinks that you do not like her and do not take her seriously.

Tip 4. Know how to listen

A selfish man will not attract a Colombian woman, because she wants attention and empathy. Prepare your questions to ask a Colombian girl, show a sincere interest in her personal story and dreams, and you will have a chance to get closer to the girl.

Tip 5. Invite her to the dance

If you want to marry a Colombian girl, show interest in dance culture, master a few simple movements, and feel the national music. If you want to date a Colombian beauty, you need to love dancing. Please find the best clubs, let her dance, and keep her company. Dancing is the best way to get closer both mentally and physically.

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Possible challenges when dating a woman from Colombia

  1. Family issue. Even after marriage, a woman will want to support her parents financially or participate in their lives in other ways.
  2. Language issues and cultural differences. If you don’t speak Spanish well or she doesn’t speak English, there are bound to be language misunderstandings.
  3. Hair preferences. Some Colombians prefer men to shave off their body hair. Not all women are like this, but be prepared to hear such a request.
  4. Being late. Colombian women are not in a hurry, and therefore being late by 5-15 minutes is the norm for them.
  5. Colombian cuisine is very different from what you are used to eating in the US, and you will need time to get used to it.
  6. Colombian women are more jealous than Western women, especially if a man spends a lot of time with friends. They may limit your freedom to visit friends a little.
They may limit your freedom to visit friends a little
Colombian girl  Source: ColombiaLady

How to impress a Colombian woman on a first date

  • Don’t discuss stereotypes about Colombia. Your girl will not appreciate talks about Pablo Escobar, drugs, or similar things.
  • Be a gentleman. Colombian brides are primarily cute and feminine and therefore expect good manners from men.
  • Be affectionate and smile. Colombians are open and warm people, and they love to feel emotions from the other side. Do not plant the thought in the girl’s head that she is in the friend zone.
  • Get rid of the thought that you will look like an amateur next to a Colombian person. She will be grateful if you share her passion.
  • Study her. Before asking a girl on a date, please find out about her interests, and use this knowledge.
  • Show off your Spanish accent. Colombian girls find it very cute and sexy.
  • Show your sense of humor. Colombians are used to laughing even at their problems. A cold and strict man is unlikely to be appreciated by a girl.


What are Colombian women like to date?      

It’s easy for American men to start dating Colombian women, because they are family-oriented. The main treasure is marriage. Just follow our tips, and you will forget you live in different countries.

Are Colombian women easy to date?      

Colombian girls are open to dating foreigners because many men from their country do not respect family values. But at the same time, they are slower to intimacy than Western women. They need one or two months to get to know the foreigners better and feel affection.

What is it like to marry a Colombian woman?

Dating a Colombian woman and marrying her after means always being confident in the future because they are very devoted. Besides, they are feminine, respect a man, and are ready to give their warmth and love.

How do you make a Colombian woman fall in love with you?

Just like any other woman—through affection, care, and respect, as well as exciting shared moments of fun and intimacy. A Colombian lady will appreciate you learning Spanish and your knowledge of Colombian culture, but not its stereotypical image in American pop culture. 

What do Colombian women look like?

Thanks to mixed historical heritage, most Colombian women are stunningly beautiful with tan skin, dark hair, and brown or hazel eyes. They can be short or tall, but most have curves in all the right places, creating an incredibly feminine and sexy silhouette.

How to meet Colombian women?

Business trips and vacations to Colombia will likely lead to a few new acquaintances, but traveling can be expensive and problematic in a post-pandemic world. You can try to meet single Colombian ladies on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks or use online dating apps and sites.

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