How to Use Free Spins?

Free Spin

The ability to spin without having to make wager your money is one of the best bonuses you enjoy in casinos. Many digital platforms now offer players great and amazing bonuses, and Free spins (FS) lead the pack. There are different types of spin bonuses.

However, they are majorly categorized into two. The two major ones are the free spins no deposit the deposit spin bonuses. The first is a type of bonus that makes the ability to play slots free after you meet a standard bonus. The other is available to you the moment you register as a casino player, no deposit is needed.

This article will consider the benefits of this bonus in its totality.

How to activate free spins

To use free spins, you must know how to access them first. Free spins are bonus features offered by many but not all casinos. As a gamer that wants the advantage of free spins, you will need to discover and register in a casino that offers them. Some casinos provide FS as welcome bonuses. In that case, you need to register an account, and the casino will credit you with your welcome free spins.

To register at your chosen casino, you must visit their website or facility. Then proceed to fill in the necessary information mandated by the casino. Afterward, read the terms and conditions of the casino before confirming your registration.

However, not all service providers offer the FS bonus on arrival. If that is the case, you might need to make a deposit. Your FS bonus will be credited to your account upon confirmation of the payment. You must know that the value of your deposit is not spent in exchange for free spins. The casino needs you to deposit to make your account valid or verified.

The number of free spins you get on every deposit could be 50 to about 500. The numbers depend on the casino you are registering on. So, it is advised you do some findings before choosing a service provider to know how much FS to expect.

Some casinos give their users the choice of accessing free spins or not. The option is usually available at the point of registration. In this case, you need to locate the button or contract containing the option and enable it.

Additionally, it is essential to note that your free spins may not be released all at once. Let’s say you were given access to about 500 FS at the point of registration. Some casinos will draw a schedule to release these bonuses. In this case, you could be granted access to about 50 free spins every day. If that is the standard, you will get all your bonus spins within ten days.

Casinos usually adopt the above policy to ensure they follow some responsible gaming regulations. Gamers exposed to too many FS at once may overstep some boundaries. The procedure ensures users do not take undue advantage of the bonus spins.

When will you receive your winnings?

Free spin winnings are as authentic as your match money winnings. Therefore, the winnings from playing your FS will go directly into your winnings account. Depending on the casino, you will not have to wait long for your free spin winnings to reflect on your account. Most casino slots are high-speed; your proceeds will reflect in seconds or a few minutes.

Free Spin

To withdraw your winnings after receiving them, you only need to locate your account’s menu and select withdraw. Then you will need to choose a payment option. Payment options on most service providers include E-wallets, Credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrency, etc.

Then, you only need to provide the necessary information and proceed to withdraw. Your withdrawal should arrive in your local account within seven working days. There may be a slight difference with casinos, however.

Can you pause or resume your free spins?

Yes. You can choose to pause and resume your free spins as you wish. However, the feature can vary with different casino service providers. You have the liberty of pausing your FS. However, you should be time conscious as free spin bonuses expire. Your bonuses will be erased upon expiry.


This article has considered the special FS bonus and what players can expect. This type of bonus does not exactly come all often and is usually a welcome bonus for new players. Therefore, it is very important to take advantage of it Every time it becomes available. With this article, players can find out all they need the know about this bonus.

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