How To Start A Podcast: A Step By Step Guide

Podcasts have exploded in recent years and are now more popular than ever. There are thousands of podcasts on platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Itunes, Google etc. Starting a podcast can help build your business and create loyal customers, but at the same time it can be totally confusing. With the help of podcasting tutorials and our expertise in this area we can together work towards reaching your goal. Below we share 5 tips for you on how to start your podcast and make it a success.

1. Come up with a concept

Think about what topics your podcast is going to discuss to interest your target audience. Make it clear with a great title and podcast description that speaks to your audience (don’t forget to use SEOs here!) Decide what your format is going to be, length of each episode and at what frequency your podcast is going to launch. Once a week can be a huge commitment, but it is possible with the help of podcast tutorials and effort.

2. Design artwork and create your brand

Beautiful cover art will be sure to attract more listeners. Have a look at other podcasts and see what catches your eye. It might be worth investing a little bit of money to hire a professional. Whether you do, or design it yourself it is important to have attractive looking cover art as it will make your listeners recognize and trust your brand. It is the first thing your listeners will see when scrolling through directories.

3. Find influential guests in your niche to interview

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other people within your niche. Having an influential person within your specific niche as a guest in your podcast will ensure your podcast reaches more listeners. By networking and collaborating with other fellow podcasters and making guest appearances on eachothers shows you both will benefit from an increase in listeners.

4. Prepare, record and edit your audio files

This will require a rode microphone, editing software and a computer. You need a decent microphone but other than that recording your podcast doesn’t require much technical equipment. Be prepared but don’t just follow a script, be interesting and authentic. A successful podcast lets your listeners get to know you.

5. Ready for launch

Spread the word! Publish your podcast on various different platforms and promote your podcast everywhere. Tell your followers on social media, announce the launch in advance to your business network, have it linked on your website. You want to build up an audience before your first episode has launched. SoundCloud is an under-rated platform when it comes to podcasting. If you do stream your podcast there, you can also buy Soundcloud plays. Try to be continuous with your podcast, for example that you release a new episode every Friday, so your listeners will know when to come back to it!

Of course, there is more to starting and building a successful podcast but these are the first basic steps to take. If you do it right and implement podcast tutorials, a successful podcast is a fantastic opportunity to create a relationship and trust between you and your customers. It’s a highly cost effective way to make business!

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