How to Set Up Your Smartphone for Remote Work

How to set up your smartphone for remote work


Nowadays technologies continue to develop which makes it possible for people to communicate, relax, read, listen to music, play games, etc. using different devices such as laptops and tablets. Moreover, with a smartphone only, everybody can even work directly from home.

If you plan to work on your phone, there is a need to set up your gadget right. Let’s consider obligatory applications and tools that should be installed on your device for productive remote work.

Skype for Business

It is obvious that even if you work at home, you still need to join meetings with your colleagues, partners, clients, etc. Of course, it is not necessary to drop everything off and go to the office. How can I take part in a gathering while working from my phone? If you do not want to miss any important business conference, you should install a video conferencing app on your phone.

Skype for Business is probably the best option for users. This application operates greatly on smartphones and is completely secure. Skype for Business is available for download on both Android and iOS smartphones. The tool offers a lot of helpful functions that make video meetings productive and successful.

Fax App

As a rule, any work implies the availability of documentation. You may be asked to send the contract to the boss for signature, receive an invoice for review, grant a price list to your colleague, etc. But how document sharing can be conducted when you are at home?

This is where the Fax App will be handy. After you make a decision to download app, your work with documents will be simplified instantly. You may have the “can I send a fax with my cell phone” question. With the fax application, you can both deliver a fax from an iPhone and receive it on your device.

Whether you are at home, in an internet cafe, or somewhere on the street, you can send the needed fax from your gadget within minutes. The application has a built-in scanner with the assistance of which quick shots are made. The fax tool can process different types of documents, for example, receipts, passports, licenses, notes, letters, etc.

“Can I send a fax with my cell phone and that’s all”? The instrument allows users not only to share faxes. Using this app you can likewise sign the required documents utilizing your finger only. Thus, if you need to send or get a fax from your colleague, client, or boss, the best solution is to install the fax application on your appliance.

Applications for Communication

When you work at home, you should be in touch with other employees all the time. Do you wonder “what apps should be installed for communication when I work from my phone”? Teams, Slack, and Yammer are the best options for instant messaging.
Yammer, for example, provides companies with the possibility to create their own social network. Workers can communicate with each other and create private group chats if they want to discuss daily assignments and tasks. Slack utilizes channels to organize instant messages making it simpler for groups of workers to group by project, workgroup, or interests. Meanwhile, Teams offers the deepest and richest integration with Office 365.

Tools for Sales and Prospects

Can I see deals and opportunities while working from my phone? Fortunately, CRM software is advancing which makes it possible for you and your colleagues to see successes, failures, and prospects directly from their gadgets. For example, with the help of Salesforce and PipeDrive applications, you will be able to browse lead, prospect, and closing information in real-time no matter where you are. You have the possibility to see live data the moment it updates while working at home. Moreover, you can easily type notes on these screens to guide and assist your colleagues while you are not together. If updating contact details for potential clients in the funnel is among your job duties, just change their information directly from your device using the application.

Apps for Purchases and Expenditure

Is it possible to avoid problems in organizing purchases and expenditures when I work from my phone? This is where budget and planning applications will be useful for you. Being a good budget tool, SmartSheet provides you with the possibility to send purchase requests directly from your gadget. Moreover, you can likewise indicate extra information, for example, the necessity for immediate approval. With this application, you can work at home and at the same time be engaged in your organization’s purchasing process.

It doesn’t matter what part of purchasing is included in your official duties. With the help of the same application, you can not only make purchasing requests but also review, approve, or deny them. There is no need to read an email, waste time searching for the price in it, call to get a reason, etc.


Undoubtedly, modern technologies make people’s lives easier. For example, there is no need to spend time on the road to the office and undergo different expenses since you can work on your phone while staying at home.

However, your gadget should be set up properly for your effective remote work. For this, you can consider installing the above-discussed tools and instruments that will make your work simpler and generative.

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