How to Set Up Reminders on iPhone 13

iPhone 13

With everything going digital, very few people keep a diary where they can write down reminders and important upcoming tasks. Nowadays, people prefer to set reminders on their phones to help them prepare in advance for meetings or run their errands in time. Setting a reminder on your phone is an efficient method since you always have your phone with you wherever you go. However, you might have a challenge setting a reminder on your iPhone 13, causing you to feel frustrated. Fortunately, this article will guide you on setting up reminders on your iPhone 13. 

How to create a reminder

Step 1. First, open the reminder app, click “+ New Reminder,” and type in your reminder

iPhone schedule

Step 2. To set a due date, click on the date and time icon and select either “Today,” “Tomorrow,” or “This Weekend.” You could also select “Date and Time” to personalize your reminder. 

Step 3. If you want to add a location, click on the location icon. You could choose one of the options provided in the drop-down menu or add your custom location. If you want to receive location-based reminders, always ensure your location is turned on. 

Step 4. Click on the “#” button and save your changes to add a tag. Tags help you organize your reminders based on keywords. 

Step 5. To add an attachment, click on the photos button. You could insert a photo from your gallery, take a new photo or scan a document. 

How to edit a reminder

If you have set a reminder and want to add or change some information, you can easily edit the reminder. Here is how to do it.

Step 1. Open the reminder app and click on the appointment you wish to edit.

Step 2. Click on the “Edit Details” button. 

Step 3. Add details to your reminders, such as a URL and notes, and save your changes after you are done.

Wrapping Up

Setting reminders on iPhone using the inbuilt reminder is good, but you can explore other apps with great reminder ability.

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