How to Securely Receive SMS from Online Services: A Comprehensive Guide


There is a possibility to perform many different tasks on the internet these days. This is done with appropriate websites and apps. However, it is not only about reading news, sending texts, and buying goods. You can do almost everything, including registration on online services via SMS without your own mobile phone number to ensure privacy and security. Such an approach is useful in a lot of situations and can be used with online numbers. See the most significant benefits of that feature and how to buy an online phone number.

Worldwide accessibility

Online numbers allow people to improve their user experience and get around restrictions on the use of certain services. Because of this, there is often an opinion that they are extremely expensive or can be used only by those who fulfill specific requirements. In actuality, though, anyone can make use of these numbers. This is ensured by two things.

To begin with, online phone numbers are provided by relevant platforms, which operate on the web and thereby can be accessed from anywhere in the world any modern device that is connected to the internet. None of them request users to provide personal information to use their numbers. It implies that anyone who wishes can register with them and gain access to their solutions in the form of online numbers.

Secondly, these numbers don’t cost much. This becomes especially obvious after comparing them and physical SIM cards. On average, one online number costs $0.20-0.50, while one SIM card costs at least a few dollars. So they are not only available everywhere but also pretty affordable in financial terms which in total makes it accessible to anyone.

Suitable for every service

Complete accessibility and low cost provided are not the only benefits of online phone numbers. There is a few more that worth attention and the most significant of them is suitability for all websites and apps. You don’t have to be concerned if they can be used to register with one or another service as there are absolutely no limitations in this regard. They are suitable for use on:

  • Instant messengers;
  • Social networks;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Delivery services;
  • Platforms of other type.

This is literally impossible to run across any compatibility issues whether it is about using Samsung account phone number or receiving SMS from Facebook. Online numbers are designed to work with every website and app that requires or gives users the option to verify their number for one or another purpose.

How to get an online phone number?

Online numbers are offered by numerous services on the web. You can find many of them by making a relevant search request on Google. But it is very important to make the right choice as it will directly affect the quality of your experience using such numbers.

Many of those services sell online phone numbers at exorbitant prices or even fraudulent and only pretend to sell something. No one would like to get fooled when utilizing online numbers, especially when it happens for the first time. This is the reason we recommend using SMS-Man. With this company, which has been on the market for a few years and has proven to be a dependable platform, every internet user can take advantage of high-quality and affordable numbers from more than a hundred countries. You can use it in the following way:

  1. Register on
  2. Use an appropriate payment method to replenish your balance.
  3. Select the country of cellular provider on the main page.
  4. Search for the required service on the tab with supported websites and apps.
  5. Buy an online phone number.

Once the online number is received, copy it and use on chosen service to go through the account registration or verification process. It should be operated in the same way as a regular number. The only difference between those is that instead of your mobile phone SMS will come to SMS-Man. You need to click one or multiple times on the “Receive SMS” button to reveal it. So, there is nothing complicated about the whole process, therefore anyone may easily take advantage of online phone numbers with little effort.

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