How To Rent an Apartment in Florida

Rent an Apartment in Florida

If you’re looking for a new place to call home and live, one of the first things that come to mind is Florida. The weather here is relaxing and soothing, plus, you get to enjoy the warm climate all year round. Aside from its weather, though, another factor that piques interest when it comes to renting homes is its safety. However, don’t be fooled. If you’re considering renting an apartment in Florida and you want value for your money, there are some things you should take note of. Here are some important steps in case you’re planning to rent a property in Florida.

If you’re also interested in apartments in Florida for rent, here are some things you should beware of.

  • Location: There are laws guiding each estate agency as regards renting an apartment all over Florida. Usually, the location determines the price of an apartment. 
  • Budget: How much can you spare to rent an apartment? All real estate agencies will ask for your income documentation during your application process. Therefore, it is crucial to consider your budget and earning rate when looking for an apartment to rent. 
  • Condition of the house: When renting an apartment, a fine is paid for damages made by the tenant. However, such circumstances can be avoided if you check the state of the house and record any damages caused by the previous tenant before moving in. 
  • Size and cost of the apartment: Apartments in Florida are not expensive, though the price differs depending on your location. The lowest price in most estates is about $1,100, with the possibility of decreasing if you’ll be renting for an extended period. Another thing to consider is shopping for furniture. Most apartments with furniture are rare and expensive. However, you might decide to opt for an apartment with no furniture and buy your furniture.
  • Preferred lifestyle: Another important factor in choosing your apartment is your preferred lifestyle. If you want an apartment in an estate or a complex, you’ll rent a part of a house. If you want a gym, swimming pool, cinema room, tennis court, and so on, you can check out estate apartments.
  • Insurance: The insurance policy is a significant consideration when considering rent. Ensure the insurance policy covers the building and all necessary parts to prevent unforeseen circumstances.

Steps to Take When Renting an Apartment in Florida

Renting an apartment in Florida is not as easy as it seems and it requires a lengthy process consisting of documentation and rules guiding rentals. 


The procedure for renting will require you to submit complete details about yourself online. Such details include proof of current income, credit history, and criminal history, among others. This is to ensure that the applicant is indeed capable of paying rent. You must submit documentation showing your income, but a bank statement will be required if you move in from another continent. Your revenue documentation requires you to earn 86 hours at the state minimum wage of $10.  However, retired and self-employed applicants must provide documentation of the last two years of the tax return. If you have a roommate(s), they are required to fill out their applications. 


After submitting the application form, you must pay an application fee of $50 for the screening cost of your application. However, additional fees might be added based on property requirements, such as the estate managers’ fees for providing information to accompany your process. It is important to note that some are refundable while others are not.

Screening Process

An agent from International Background Check starts your screening process, which takes about two business days or longer if affected by unexpected circumstances. After the screening procedure, agreements between the estate agency and the tenant(s) must be signed. The estate management can also conduct a screening process on your criminal records and relationship in your former apartments. They intend to figure out criminal offenses, pet policy, and your abiding with all the laws guiding rent.


The last step is to sign the agreement. A lease agreement is made by the landlord containing all rules to follow. It is important to read it carefully before signing the rental contract. While there is no limitation to the time frame, most estate management will need you to sign an agreement for 7 to 13 months. Ensure that you and your roommate(s) sign the lease so that both of you are responsible for the apartment. In addition, you might have to pay additional rent for 2 to 3 months to prevent cases where you might not be able to afford rent. This is also the last time you have to discuss security agreements and water and electricity. However, water and electricity are cheap and should cost nothing more than $60. After paying the security deposits and signing the necessary agreements, you are ready to move into your apartment.


Renting an apartment in Florida requires a rigorous search and process. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be hasty about making decisions or settle for less. If you follow the tips above, you will surely get your dream apartment in your preferred location in Florida. 

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