How to Recognize Reliable Online Casino

In this article, we are going through some things to think about when it comes to choosing a casino for online gambling. In Sweden, there are so many options when it comes to online casinos and therefore we have done a guide to making it a bit easier for you to choose which one of all online casinos, is something for you personally. The first thing you need to think about is what your goals are so you know what you want to get out of your online casino experience.

The second thing you should do is to browse through some online gambling guides and find an online casino that best suits you. Let’s take for example Betsson Casino. Even that is a popular and trustworthy casino, you should anyway read Betsson review and see what features offer that online casino.  Below we have listed a few main factors that players should pay attention when choosing an online casino or any online service.


Casino licenses

Look at where the online casino has its licences. For Sweden, I think you should look so the online casino has their license from Swedish Gaming Inspectorate and so it’s legit to be on the safe side. There are licenses that are not necessarily as protective for you as players.


Withdrawal time

Check out the payout policy on the online casino. If it’s something players complain about in different sites and forum it’s that. When it comes to withdrawals players should always think, the faster the better. When a casino takes up to 24 hours for processing your withdrawals it’s okay, but when it takes 72 hours or more for them to process your withdrawals it’s too long. 

Here you don’t get the money in 72 hours, they just start the transfer 72 hours after your cashout request. We also have casinos who have withdrawals limits on how much you can withdrawal every week or month. So look for a casino whos withdrawal limits as high as you are okay with.


Read the reviews

To look at what other online casino players think of a casino can be a good tip, but be aware and use your sceptical glasses as you read through the comment field. 

Sometimes you can see a comment or more where its constant writing and no drawbacks what so ever, which could be someone who is being paid to write it and maybe never even played on the casino at all. 

Anonymity is less trustworthy than if an actual author wrote it. The important is to look at here is when it comes to complaints about players who have trouble getting their money back and the online casino doesn’t have a reasonable explanation or poor exploitation for it. That is when you need to think a second time.

 But take everything you read with a pinch of salt, even on gambling guides. in the end. It’s your decision to make, which online casino you want to put your money into.


Customer service

You will find online casinos where their customer service team is active in the forums, there you can get a good feeling about how they treat their customers based on their answers and apperiens.

One way to see if an online casino is something you like is to contact them and ask a few questions about the games and roles in the games. You can also ask them about their withdrawal limits. Because sometimes the online casino doesn’t have all the information you seek.

Generally, does the online casinos always have all their games free versions to the public?

Be careful though, sometimes their free versions are rigged with better odds for you as a player so you will think how easy it is to win and then put in money on a false experience.

So a tip is to use the free spins to test the software’s graphic and sound effects.



To choose an online casino is easier with some frames. You should use a list on “most have” when you look for an online casino like it needs to have that specific game and so on. 

It is also recommended for you to only but in a little amount of money to start with and then gradually increase as you come forward case the risk is. You put in too much money to start with and then you don’t feel as comfortable as you first were with it.

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