How to Overcome These 7 Most Pressing Issues in Human Resources


Human beings are very complex creatures. It’s a difficult task to manage them. The digital era makes it more challenging for human resources managers to diligently do their work. As a human resource manager, your organization can task you with managing international teams remotely.  It might be difficult considering your team members may have different personalities. Therefore, you must drive strategies to cope with these challenges at work every day.  

You must spend some extra money, time, and effort to shape your personnel into who the organization wants them to be. Interestingly, human resources worldwide face almost similar challenges regardless of the companies they work for. Such challenges as difficulty identifying top talent, employee retention, and satisfaction are common. There are more challenges and this is how to overcome these 7 most pressing issues in human resources:

Be Dynamic

Every day there are new challenges in the human resources dockets. You must easily and timely embrace change otherwise, it might be extra challenging for you to do your job. After all, change affects your work environment, your clients, employees, and your workspace. Embrace technology and use it to ease your work. For instance, you can use internal communications software like human resource management system to communicate with your staff and use HR software to hire competent employees. Appropriate software can help you manage employee safety and performance.

As a human resources manager, you are responsible for your employees’ happiness and morale. Fortunately, with effective strategies, you can foster cooperation among your employees. Upskill your employees on time to equip them with relevant emerging skills. However, before implementing any changes, efficiently communicate with your staff. Warn them of the changes that they should expect. Equip them with all the competencies they might need to cope with the changes. They will feel more capable and secure. Therefore they’ll easily embrace the change.

Source Talented Leaders

Developing leaders to lead your organization tomorrow can be hectic. It can cost you a lot of time and resources and ultimately, you may end up failing if you’re mentoring the wrong people. If you’re looking for team leaders, hire talented individuals whom you shall not spend a lot upskilling.  You can assign your staff members their jobs of interest. Provide them with regular training that aligns with their interests and skills. These employees shall feel appreciated. They shall see themselves as potential leaders of the organization. Consequently, they shall also invest in their growth.

Promote a Culture of Continuous Learning

Many employees today leave their workplaces because they lack personal development opportunities. To retain your employees, you must provide them with growth opportunities. Train them often to motivate them and acquaint them with new knowledge and skills. Offer training that’s relevant to their skills and jobs. Create engaging training content that promotes flexible learning. Make such content available in different formats to suit different employee preferences.

Use Ideal Platforms To Recruit

Human resources worldwide struggle with bringing the right talents on board.  Choose recruitment platforms that regard the talent, skills, job levels, and industry to get the most competent candidates. When you attract the right staff, you will reduce your work as you screen them for suitability to the job. As a result, you’ll spend more time identifying how the candidate fits the organization and not the job. Find evidence that shows they are dynamic, technology-vast, they appreciate feedback and they enjoy learning.

Customize Cultural Awareness Programs

Different organizations have unique organizational cultures. Understand all your staff and create a welcoming, conflict-free and comfortable work environment for them all regardless of their cultural backgrounds. Develop cultural awareness programs that will foster diversity, encourage innovations and unite your employees towards achieving common organizational goals.

Treasure Your Employee Safety and Health

Every workplace struggles with health and safety issues. A safe work environment promotes good health and safety. Besides making your work environment hygienic, take care of your staff’s psychological needs. Prevent employee burnout, employee dissatisfaction, and don’t overpressure your staff. Devise practical solutions like team building activities to fight stress and give your employees reasonable timelines.

Give your Employees a Unique Employee Experience

Regardless of the industry within which your organization operates, competition is a factor to battle. Ensure your employees are satisfied otherwise they’ll leave you for better employers. Offer your employees flexible time schedules, online pieces of training, gym facilities, and opportunities to work from home. These incentives will cultivate employee loyalty and you’ll not struggle with inefficiencies.


You can overcome the current HR challenges if you address them with an open mind. Be quick to embrace change. Use technology to your advantage. Understand the corporate landscape and equip your employees for the future. Use the right recruitment strategies and platforms to attract relevant talent.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.