How to Optimise Internet Speed for Gaming

Internet in Gaming

A superfast computer with high-end components such as a gaming PC but without a best-fit internet connection will worsen your gaming experience. 

A person using a slower PC but with a faster internet connection will definitely play better and win almost every other time.

Hence internet connection cutting out is one of the most frustrating things a gamer will experience. 

Apparently, there are no magic tricks to optimise the internet speed for gaming. Yet, somehow, the internet speed decides how good the connection will be for smooth gameplay.

So far, LAN wire through a router or broadband (Ethernet) is considered one of the best PC gaming connections. A LAN wire is required to connect to a router in case of a WiFi adapter/connector. Additionally, configuring your router settings, such as adjusting the default gateway to “,” can optimize network performance. At the same time, mobile data with a WiFi connector from a hotspot is most inefficient for online gaming.

Best Internet Connection Speed for Gaming

Most gaming console manufacturers recommend 3 Mbps of download speed and 1 Mbps of upload speed.

But it is quite unfortunate that an internet connection with the fastest speed may not offer the best possible experience, therefore, leading to internet connection optimization.

Take the Internet Speed Test 

Specifically, when you are lagging, the foremost thing is to check the internet connection.

Upload speed is very important for online games. In the case of multiple users with a shared internet connection, the download speed also plays a vital role. You can take a speed test via  Speedtest by Ookla or any other reliable site. 

All the tips for optimization of the Internet connection below will provide relief and will help improve your gaming experience:

1. Use a VPN

VPNs may slightly slow the internet connection because they add an extra layer of encryption. 

You might experience a lag time while browsing if you try connecting to a server in a country that is far away from you. Also, with VPNs with a limited number of servers, internet speed slowing is obvious because the servers may become overloaded. 

However, using a good VPN with a fast speed and multiple connections can actually help speed up the connection because of bandwidth throttling.

VPN and Bandwidth Throttling

Internet service providers may sometimes slow the internet connection due to certain activities like gaming, streaming and torrenting, leading to bandwidth throttling. One of the many reasons behind this practice by ISP is to avoid network congestion during peak usage hours. 

A VPN is the best and easy to resolve bandwidth throttling because it makes the internet activity completely anonymous from the ISP. Furthermore, it protects your online privacy and helps to get-around geoblocking. 

2. Reposition Your Router (if using WiFi)

Online gaming far from the router can often lead to problems because the more the distance between you and your router, the slower the internet speed will be. 

Electronic interference, distance, plenty of users on the network, and any other obstacles (ceiling, walls, etc.) are the factors to consider as it’s a wireless connection. 

3. Restart Your Router and Modem

Restarting your router/modem is the first and the foremost fix that can help refresh the internet connection and increase connection speed. 

Try resetting your router/modem once every month and rebooting your machine to fix any issues.

4. Avoid Running Multiple Devices and Programs Simultaneously

Background processes and programs on the PC consume bandwidth, minimising the internet connection speed. 

In order to maximise the connection speed for playing games, reducing the number of devices sharing the WiFi as well as extra web browsing, downloading and streaming videos should be avoided.

5. Upgrade your Broadband Package: 

Upgrading the broadband package or even switching to home fiber internet is one of the best ways to increase internet speed and reduce game lags.

Choose the best ultrafast, full-fibre broadband according to your area and location, as online shopping, streaming favourite shows, and online gaming shows should not get affected just because of your location.

6. Enable Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service is a feature in most routers that allow selecting the type of Internet traffic that should be prioritised. 

Choosing game traffic as your foremost and biggest priority will definitely improve your gaming internet speed. 

Google whether your router has QoS; if yes, look for its access as different routers have different means to access QoS settings.

7. Don’t Play on far away Servers

Playing on the closest gaming server or ovh dedicated servers of your game is the best choice in most cases.  We mean selecting a game server in your country or continent by the nearest gaming server. 

The closer the server is to you, the better it is because it positively affects ping and latency and thus ensures faster communications. 

8. Scan for Viruses

Scan for Viruses using a Virus Scanner if you are gaming on a shared computer as they hide on your computer and drain essential resources.

Viruses result in lowering the internet connection speed across all devices.

9. Optimise Internet Speed Automatically

Residue files are left behind every time a program is installed and uninstalled. This results in the accumulation of junk files inside your system, thus affecting its performance.

The solution lies in running a reliable PC optimization software that helps detect all the junk files that have clogged your system, optimising the connection speed.


Game lag is one of the most frustrating things a gamer can experience. The ways mentioned in this post above can be done to minimise lags and maintain a consistent gaming experience.

The most important and powerful thing in online video gaming is the Gaming Rig. With an optimised internet speed and a powerful gaming rig, the lagging and crashing issues can be avoided to a great extent. 

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