How to Make the Decoration for Your Summer Event Stand Out


Great food and drinks are necessary for a great summer event but do not forget about summer decorations. The right decorations will turn your party into an event to remember. Here are some décor ideas that will make your event stand out from the rest:

Decorate with Greenery

Instead of investing in single-use décor for your party that you’ll have to throw out later, you can use the live greenery that you already have to decorate your walls and fences. Attach flat planters to your fence panels and then place herbs, flowers, and bold greens in them. If you want flower decoration for your event, opt for a local flower shop that sells them fresh. 

Hang a Swing in the Backyard

That empty corner in your backyard can be a fun area for your guests to hang out. Add a floating couch or porch to bring life to your outdoor space. 

Fold Cloth and Paper Napkins

If you are hosting a formal affair, turn your cloth napkins into adorable flower blooms without paying for actual flowers. Folding up your paper towels into creative, cute shapes will also add an element of fun to your outdoor party. 

Get Creative with Your Vases

Instead of buying tons of vases that you might never use again, use things that you already have. For instance, if you are serving pineapples and watermelons at your party, you can use hollowed-out melons and pineapples as vases for your flowers. Not only does this save money but it also creates a nice aesthetic. 

Go Wild with Arrangements

Pluck a variety of foliage and flowers from your backyard and create your own flower arrangements. You can mix dandelions, artichokes, and flowering chives in a single arrangement to create an eye-catching centerpiece for your seating areas. 

Hang Outdoor Lights


The best part of summer is the moonlight on a warm night. That said, you can jazz up an outdoor summer night party by hanging lights to boost the ambiance. Drape string lights on your porch, patio, and trees in the yard; this will make for a very appealing space for your nighttime event. Lanterns are a great alternative for people who do not like strings. 

Use Textured Placemats and Table Runners

The décor of your event is all in the details. Once you create a dedicated seating area, decorate it with textured placemats and runners that match the theme. These pretty but simple details will add some depth to your overall décor. 

Spruce up the Water

It is important to hydrate properly during summer parties. Make sure that you provide water for guests but not in a boring way. Spruce up the water by adding fresh fruits inside it and letting them infuse. Fill a pitcher with ice and water, and place some fresh cuts of fruits like cucumber, pineapple and orange. This little addition will improve the décor. 

If you are organizing a summer event, these tips will come in handy for the décor. Get some help from friends and family because you cannot do everything yourself. Doing so allows you to rest during the entire process. 

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