How to Make Money Online Best Ways in 2022

Make money

The modern world gives us opportunities not only for online communication and entertainment but also for work and making money. One of the possible ways is trading, but where to start? We at Copy Trade will introduce you to the financial market and help with the management of investments. If you would like to learn more about candle reversal and other features, start with this brief manual.

Basic for Beginners

A trader buys and sells via an online exchange, such as It is kind of a market: you come with your product, which you bought previously, and try to sell it more expensively to make money on the difference. For example, one bought an Apple stock for $30 and sold it for $80.

The task of a trader is to buy a stock that can rise in price and sell one that can fall.

To do this, the trader uses two types of analysis – technical and fundamental:

  • The first is the analysis of the schedule. It provides 85% of success. For example, if a stock went up for a long time and quickly, it will have a ‘reversal’ at some point — growth and speed will begin to slow down. Often, prices ‘draw’ figures on the chart. The trader analyzes them and understands where the stock will move. If a trader correctly determines its movement according to the chart, one will be able to earn both on growth and a fall.
  • The second analysis is the news and financial performance of companies for three months or a year. For example, during the 2016 US presidential race, Hillary Clinton said that if she wins, all private prisons in America will be closed. Immediately after that, stocks of private prisons fell from an average of $35 to $14. But when it was announced that Trump won, the price began to rise and returned to the same level in two weeks. This is how politicians’ statements and news influence the stock market. By analyzing them, a trader can buy or sell a share in time.

Trading is one of the few businesses that give you the chance to start with small funds and grow into millions. At the same time, the trader does not depend on other people. There is only a trader and a computer, and on the other side, there are the same people who want to earn money. This is a legal activity, and the trader pays taxes on income.

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