How to Localize Your E-Commerce Website Easily

The major reason why both large companies and small developers put off localization of the website is that they find it too challenging and time-consuming. While it is true to an extent in terms of time that it takes, localizing your e-commerce website is not as hard as it seems. Since it is not a typical translation per se, it is necessary to discuss your requirements and collect all the necessary information in advance.

Once you pass this stage, the next steps will not take long because a team of experts will compile precise parts of original content with all the necessary linguistic and socio-cultural adjustments. Depending on a country and a language of choice, localization may take longer if you plan to address international business ethics in greater detail or provide information that will make sense only for Arabic or Asian customers. In either case, localization of your commercial website can be made easier if you start with a good plan and discuss every work aspect with a chosen specialist.


How to Localize Your E-Commerce Website Easily in 5 Quick Steps

  • Discuss the schedule and requirements with the GUI designer, translation expert, code writer, and marketing specialist. The most important part of making any localization faster and easier is discussing the list of things that you want to receive as a result. For example, if you plan to work with the Japanese market, discuss your knowledge about the country and let a localization specialist (a native speaker) offer several recommendations and tell you about what can be done in your case. Once the specialist understands your website’s purpose and commercial targets, localization becomes a breeze.
  • Address cultural aspects of localization by implementing country-specific terms and inspiring campaigns. Your foreign language website should not be a copy of your original content, which is why localization must be done according to what keeps happening in a target country. It is even more relevant for the e-commerce field where you must create influential campaigns and various call-to-action blocks. Be it a cultural point or a top trend that you want to follow, take your time to include it during localization because it will always pay off as you start with the website promotion.
  • Provide accurate translations of the official documents to attract investors and receive more press coverage. Once you are ready to expand your business upon an international marketplace, it is crucial to include information about your company and cooperation agreements for potential investors. Since these are documents that represent a legal power, you must seek certified translation services online providers to ensure that you provide a high-quality, precise interpretation of your business vision and marketing specifics. Even though you are dealing with a foreign land, some legislative aspects of your native country still remain the same, which must be always considered.
  • Double-check numbers, personal names, and brand-specific elements.  Since the phone numbers, bank account information, geographical locations, and personal names are not a part of any translation memory libraries, it is best to check this information twice. This will greatly speed-up the localization process and will help you to avoid revisions and small corrections that always take time. 
  • Check the final result in the presence of several specialists and analyze included SEO keywords. Once every translation work has been done and you are ready to look through the foreign language section of your website, it is recommended to let several experts from your company see it, including the graphic designer and programmer to ensure that every part of your website works well. Additionally, complete your first translation courses to provide the list of localized SEO keywords, so you can pass them on to your IT specialist in the future for analytical purposes. It will help to track down the results and contact the same translation service in the future.


How Can I Keep My Website Localization Active?

In addition to constant search engine optimization tools, it is necessary to include various social media elements into your website. It will help you to keep the content updated and add some interaction to your business. Ask the localization specialist to add graphic elements or include direct posts from your social media wall. Remember that you can request short and urgent translations when you are ready to post new information as every single message that you create must be accurate and translated by an expert. Even though most companies turn to automatic translations, it only ends up in funny memes and the list of customers that seek for original sources.

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