How to Get 1000 Followers on Clubhouse?


The Clubhouse is a rising social media app where people communicate via audio chats and share stories and personal experiences with each other. Now, those who are already on this platform must know how important it is to get your first 1000 Clubhouse followers.

They basically dictate your position on the platform’s hierarchy and are required for building credibility, social proof, and online presence. Their sheer volume helps you rise as a community leader and establish your dominance in Clubhouse rooms.

However, securing more followers on this particular social network isn’t easy, considering the competition and the skill required to charm the audience.

So, for all the speakers aiming to leave their mark on the Clubhouse, here are some tips to gain 1000 followers and fulfill their dream.

10 Effective Ways to Get 1000 Followers on Clubhouse

1. Be Yourself

Avoid putting up a show like most content creators do, and just be yourself in the Clubhouse rooms. Show your true colors to the audience and interact with them casually, as you do in real life.

This will allow you to connect with the audience and invite people to follow your Clubhouse profile. And if you managed to charm them with your personality, they would follow you in a heartbeat.

2. Know your Audience

As a creator, you must figure out what your audience likes, what fascinates them, and what they like to talk about. Communicate with your audience, whether it comprises community leaders, experts, mentors, etc., or trivial people, and find out their preferences.

Learning these details will help you adjust the content strategy and generate appropriate content for your audience. Doing so will automatically attract them to your profile, and they will start following it.

3. Have a Great Profile Pic

Visuals matter, even on an audio platform!

Make sure that you upload an attractive and aesthetic profile picture that helps you stand out. Go through your photos and find the best one that looks perfect from all angles and reflects your personality. Optimize it for the platform by adjusting its file format, size, and dimensions.

A great profile picture will show your best side to the audience and encourage them to follow your account.

4. Optimize your Bio

Keep your bio clear, catchy, and short – orient it in a way that makes you look credible and esteemed creator. Try to include some call-to-action statements to convince the audience to follow.

However, remember that the platform allows you to write 1200 characters, almost three lines, so you can’t afford to waste them.

A thoroughly written bio helps the audience judge your credibility – nail it perfectly, and it will draw the audience’s attention and possibly turn them into your followers.

5. Join Other People’s Stages


Make sure that you join other people’s stages, as it allows you to interact with a more knowledgeable audience and contribute to their discussions.

See, when you give expert insights into a matter and add value to the listeners’ lives, they start considering you as a mentor. As a result, they visit your account out of curiosity and end up following it eventually.

Thus, join multiple clubs and flex your knowledge there to draw more potential followers.

6. Be Consistent on Clubhouse

Staying consistently active across rooms, clubs and other stages is necessary to keep your audience immersed and attract potential followers. Basically, when you interact with people and listen to them, it proves that you are a credible influencer who is passionate about his job.

Now, that image not only keeps your current followers engaged but also serves as a hook for new ones. Therefore, participate in communities regularly to engage people and convince them to follow you with repeated exposure.

7. Host your Own Rooms

Host your own rooms frequently, as it’s a great way to attract the new audience and turn them into your followers. However, for this tactic to work, you first need to know the trends. Find the hot topics your audience might be interested in and host rooms to discuss them.

Also, make sure that their privacy is set to public and not invite-only, so anyone can join them.

Later, you can ask the people who join the Clubhouse rooms to follow your account. And if the audience really finds your rooms interesting and engaging, they won’t hesitate to follow you.

8. Join Clubs and Participate

Join clubs related to your core competence and participate there actively. Take part in discussions and debates – flex your knowledge and engage the audience with your wisdom.

Also, stay in touch with the club moderators and fellow speakers. Follow them on Clubhouse to show interest and expand your social circle. Doing all these activities will put you in the limelight, and many curious ears will start waiting to hear your voice.

Eventually, these curious people, enlightened by your words and wisdom, will follow your Clubhouse profile to learn more from you.

9. Promote it on Social Media Platforms

You must promote your Clubhouse profile across social media platforms to expand its organic reach and exposure. Simply post the link to your account on Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Twitter, and other trending social media apps.

Tag the friends in your posts and request them to follow your account to show support. Also, try embedding your profile link on websites and blogs, so the site visitors can check out your Clubhouse account.

The more you cross-promote, the more people will learn about your presence at Clubhouse. And as this reach increases, so will your chances of getting more organic followers.

10. Buy Followers from Media Mister


Lastly, the easiest and most efficient of getting 1000 Clubhouse followers is to purchase them. Not only is this tactic fast, but it also boosts social proof, presence, and credibility quite effectively.

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You can buy them from their website in affordable packages and get 1000 followers on your profile in no time. So, test out this tactic and buy followers for your Clubhouse account to become a community leader and leave your mark on the platform.


Your opinion matters, and it deserves to be heard. However, on a platform like Clubhouse, that’s only possible when you have enough followers. That’s why it’s so vital for you to stay on top of things and be an exceptional speaker and influencer.

Of course, all of these traits won’t help you until you apply the tactics we shared with you. Combine your hard work with these clever tactics you’ll gain those much-needed 1000 followers within days.

We hope that you liked today’s article and found it helpful for your cause. If you need more informative content about other platforms, make sure to check our blog. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section.

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