How to Earn More as a Freelance Translator

Most people who have studied the freelance translation market have wondered about why some freelancers earn more and what are the secret tricks that help to position one’s services differently. In truth, many factors come into play because there is no universal formula that will instantly help the freelance translator to earn more. Of course, the most important is to advertise yourself with due confidence and make it clear from the start that your services stand out. Since an average freelancer will have to compete for an appealing task, there is little time left for the other things. Nevertheless, when you address some of the aspects described below right, you will be the one that the clients will seek after, which is the major difference in earning more.


How to Earn More as a Freelance Translator

  • Translate your resume in more than one language. The majority of specialists that work in the field of freelance cooperate with the various online platforms that are mostly English-only. Now let us think about a person who provides Japanese or Arabic translations. An obvious choice would be to post your resume or a list of services on some websites in Tokyo or Dubai. As a rule, most of them will not let you write in English, therefore, providing a translated CV will place you head and shoulders above the others. It will also help the international companies to notice you and see the seriousness of your intentions.
  • Join various translation courses to earn relevant certification. A primary reason why some freelance translators earn more is the presence of language school certificates or degrees that allow them to handle technical writing or work with legal documents. As a rule, the price always increases since such translators are always in demand. If you are only starting, take time to check the translation courses and see what fits your specialization the most to improve your skills for a certified translation agency. As soon as you include at least one certificate in your resume or a typical ad on a freelance translation website, you can set a much higher price. Be assured, the ratio will be justified as the clients know that they approach a professional.
  • Avoid positioning your service with the low price to page ratio. A frequent mistake of novice freelance translators is starting with the low price orders for the sake of taking as many tasks as they possibly can. Even though it may pay off in the short run, it will eventually bring you more trouble in the future as you will mark yourself as a person whose services do not cost much. Study the pricing market, justify your translation services, and set the price according to the time, certification, language pair, and the quality that you are able to provide. As the practice shows, people who need high-quality translations know that it does not come free.
  • Approach a professional translation agency as a freelancer. It is a common misconception among the public that makes people believe that once you work as a freelancer, you have no chance to get hired by a large translation agency. Thankfully, it is quite the opposite because most companies seek freelance assistance, especially for technical writers or localization specialists who can work remotely or in a non-standard schedule. A skilled human translation service provider will always be in-demand because such kind of work always takes time and knowledge to let it be done right and on time. Therefore, consider this option as well if you want to increase your freelance income.
  • Advertise yourself with the help of social media and user feedback. Do not forget about Facebook and Instagram as a way to find new clients and spread the word about your services. Consider turning to social media influencers or participating in various social projects to bring an important message in another language and promote your skills as well. It may not bring you an immediate profit per se but will help to establish your position and let people remember you as a responsible, public personality.


The Personal Website or Blog Localization

While it is not the most common occurrence, think about getting your website or a blog localized by professional translators. It will help people from all over the world to find out about your services, read user feedback, and basically let you operate as a small company that offers translation help. Supporting more than five languages with relevant SEO keywords will let you establish a marketing strategy that will help you earn more.

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