How to Deliver Packages Faster: A Guide for Independent Drivers


The recent truck drivers crisis that unfolded in the UK showed the world just how much various actions and events (the pandemic and Brexit in this situation) can disrupt the worldwide supply chain. Furthermore, due to more people shopping online (for convenience and safety reasons), delivery drivers are now in high demand in most corners of the world. 

But, starting a delivery business requires a solid investment, which not everyone is keen on making. So, to keep the flow of commerce going, big retailers and even delivery companies started working with independent drivers who can take care of the last mile delivery problem. 

So if you’re a good driver, own a reliable vehicle, and know your city well enough, you could start a business as an independent driver. Furthermore, according to Circuit, you could end up making between $18 and $25 per hour, which can be a great way to get by for a while (especially if you’ve been unsuccessful in looking for a better job). 

Still, in order to earn good money, you have to be quick and efficient with your deliveries. The parcels must reach their destinations on time and without any damages.

For this to happen you have to know a few tricks and tips that you can only learn as a delivery driver. Of course, your experience as a driver is equally important, but it takes a bit more strategizing to move around quickly in a big city. 

To give you a hand, here are a few ways you can improve your delivery time and reduce costs with gas and more:

Train your Patience & Focus

It should go without saying, but delivery drivers must be patient people. Traffic can easily get hectic especially during rush hour times, so you have to know how to let go of anger when someone cuts you off in traffic or is being an absolute jerk. 

In most cases, the very idea of being blocked in traffic when you have somewhere to be is enough to drive you bonkers. This is why if you are going to spend most of your working day behind the wheel, you need to take a zen approach to life on the road.

Plus, when you’re calm, it’s easier to find your way out of a jam via a side alley or discover a better path.

Plan for Efficiency & Boredom Resistance

Sometimes, crazy traffic is better than the lull of an empty road with nothing ahead or behind. While this type of scenario is most common for long-haul drivers, there are times when you can get bored in the city as well. 

However, if you plan your routes well, you may not have the time to get bored. In fact, you may have a little bit of fun since it’s quite exciting to find the perfect route that takes you to all your delivery drops on the shortest and less-expensive path. 

Use Your Organisation Skills

If you played/play Minecraft, now is the time to put those skills to good use! 

Start by devising a plan for the customers’ parcels. Make sure the ones you’ll deliver first are easy to reach and grab, to reduce the time spent with each delivery to a minimum. Also, organize your papers and put together a system that allows you to know where everything is. This way, at the end of the day, you won’t have to spend much time putting everything in order and dealing with the cash. 

Wrap Up

While it may be a bit weird to manage a business in the post-pandemic reality, being an independent delivery driver is a great way to stay afloat during these difficult times. And who knows? If you like it, you may want to become a full-time entrepreneur and work hard on your success.

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