How To Defend Against False Sexual Crime Charges

Defend Against False Sexual Crime Charges

Over the years, the number of sex crimes in the US has soared. At the same time, there is also an uptick in the number of incidents reported and judgments passed to punish the offenders. While these statistics may discourage the criminals from indulging in unlawful acts, they have a negative implication too. Women use the law wrongfully to accuse innocent men of sexual crimes due to personal motives. The worst part is that it is hard to prove innocence due to a general perception that men are always on the wrong side. But you can defend yourself against false sex crime charges by taking the right approach. Here are some expert recommendations to show the way of getting a clean chit if you are innocent.

Keep a level head

Sexual crime is serious, and an accusation can spell massive trouble. You have to face the legal implications in the first place. But the social stigma it brings is even worse. The allegation can tarnish your reputation at the workplace and damage your personal relationships as well. But the worst way to handle the situation is by being impulsive. You must keep a level head and consider the best way to prove your innocence. Take your spouse or a trusted friend in confidence to deal with the emotional trauma. The first thing you must do is get a hold of your emotions, and the faith and support of a loved one can help.

Avoid confronting your accuser

You will probably want to confront the accuser and know the reason for false allegations when they accuse you. Contacting them will likely only make the situation worse. They may use the confrontation against you down the line. Rather than asking for the reason for the false accusation, try to understand their motives behind the act. They may have done it as revenge for a grudge they hold against you. Alternatively, they may have accused you to damage your reputation due to sheer jealousy. Understanding the motive can help you prove your innocence down the line. Consider digging deeper by investigating or asking people so that you have something at hand.

Consult a sex crime attorney

A sex crime is a grave offense, and you must have a defensive plan ready well in time. The last thing you want to do is go into court without proper preparation. You can check out this sex crime attorney to get started with your defense strategy. Collaborating with a professional with relevant experience helps because they understand the pain and stress of a false accusation. Moreover, they know the legal process and the possible implications that may come down the line. Having an expert representing your case in court gives you more confidence and peace of mind despite the wrongful charges.

Be careful while talking to police

Hiring an attorney at the right time is crucial because any statement you make to the police can work against you. There are chances of saying something inadvertently, which they may use as evidence against you in court. It is crucial to be careful while talking to the authorities. Avoid making any statements about the alleged crime until you consult your attorney. The officers may coerce you or try to get you to make statements that could implicate you later. Make sure you do not empower them with such statements. Say nothing and wait for your attorney even when the police call you for questioning.

Steer clear of social media posting

A false accusation is hard to digest for anyone. You will probably feel upset, frustrated, and angry for being accused of such a serious crime. It is tempting to vent your frustrations on social media to tell the world your side of the story. But make sure you refrain from such posts because they can land you in a fix. The prosecutors may use them against you during the court proceedings. Moreover, it gets your accuser on a defensive mode. You may even end up in a war of words on social media. Sexual crime is serious, and the more you keep it under wraps, the better.

False accusations for a sex crime can be damaging personally and professionally. Your career, family, and mental health can bear the brunt of the situation. But you must do everything possible to come out clean. A level head and a seasoned attorney can get you out of the problem, so make sure you have both. Follow these tips to prove your innocence and get the accuser to learn a lesson.

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