How to Cope Financially in the Pandemic with a Disability

Covid19 has had a profound impact on the whole world, shaking it to its core with hundreds of thousands losing their lives to date. The impact of the pandemic has caused repercussions in other areas of our daily lives, too, including mental health, job security, disability, and finance. For those who are unable to work due to disabling injuries or illnesses, you may seek legal help from professionals such as the Pennsylvania Social Security Disability Lawyer.

For this reason, many people have been left in crisis. We will look specifically here at the financial situation for those who are most vulnerable; those with a disability, who have not only been more at risk healthwise during the pandemic but also in sustaining themselves financially. To know your rights and what steps to take if you were made disabled at no fault of your own, seek further information from a disability attorney.

The uncertainty of the financial support available to disabled people, as well as the short supply of essentials in stores, has put a lot of stress on people who are more vulnerable. Then, on top of that, they are the most likely to have been forced to isolate from their normal support services that the differently abled rely on. A specialist in NDIS Townsville advises us that those with a disability shouldn’t be left unsupported and there are many agencies and government schemes or programs available to the differently abled that are really beneficial in a time like this.

For anybody who has been waiting to pursue a claim for social security during the pandemic, there has been a lot of stress for them around when this will be processed due to lockdown delays. However, they will also be extremely worried about whether or not their claim will be successful and therefore potentially cause further delays. 

This means they will have not only waited a long time to have it looked at but then they could also possibly have an unsuccessful outcome, meaning further appeals or reapplications against these decisions could result in further delays to receiving financial support. 

So, what can they do to cope financially in the pandemic? Here are a few key points: 

Talk to an attorney

Seeking information from an attorney increases the chance of your social security application having a successful outcome, as you’ll go forward with the knowledge that you require. Therefore, it is a good idea to talk to a lawyer to weigh up your options regarding finances. 

Although they cannot push through the application process to make it faster, they can keep you on track with collecting the right information and meeting deadlines, plus navigating the very complex area of benefits. Having some experienced in this area on your team can be massively beneficial. 

Ask for help from family, friends or neighbors

If need be, you should not be afraid to ask others for help if you are at risk of missing payments or going without essentials, such as food or utilities. There is help within the community available too, such as food banks, but there are often also lots of people around who are more than willing to help you get back on your feet.

Throughout lockdown, many people were actively looking for groups they could join to assist those within the community who were most at risk or classed as vulnerable. Therefore, if there was someone on their doorstep who they could help, they would be more than happy to help them out.

Know when to seek support for anxiety

Worrying about money is a well known leading cause of serious anxiety and depression – even for those who are considered to be affluent within society. 

Therefore, when finances are of concern, it is of the utmost importance to manage your mental health appropriately and seek help, where needed, so that you feel supported and find channels to get advice.

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