How to Choose Top Online Casinos in Sweden

The online casino market in Sweden is unique. You know why? New casinos flood the market every week. In fact, the old ones are often overwhelmed with competition hence they back down after a few weeks of operating.

So how will you choose the top online casinos in such an industry?

It is very simple if you follow this guide properly. The first step is to find out if players within your location are accepted.


1. Location

Firstly, you must ensure that the online casino accepts Swedish players to register on their site. Not all online casinos accept players from other countries. If your location is not allowed on their website, look for another that accepts your region.


2. Casino review

Casino reviews are very important. However, the challenge is that some reviews are fabricated to lure customers to the website. Not to mention, some top review casino sites also fabricate lies to promote some casinos. 

Nonetheless, good thorough research will reveal the truth. One example of reliable casino reviews is Swedish casino guide Casino Pro (

At Casino Pro you can find correct answers like:

  • Does the casino payout 100% of the player’s winnings?
  • Are their casino games rigged?
  • How long does it take to payout winnings?
  • What is their wagering requirement?

Note: Nevertheless, if you don’t find bad reviews about an online casino doesn’t mean that they are good. Most times it may be because they are new to the industry and no proper review has been carried out about their operations.


3. Operating licenses

Inasmuch as other points are important, this is most likely what you should look out for always. Find out the licensing authority that gave the casino permission to operate. They are numerous advantages of registering on a licensed online casino with a reputable gambling regulator. For instance, if your winnings are delayed, you can notify the gambling authority. 

Therefore, always go for online casinos that are licensed by the Swedish gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission to mention a few.


4. Find out their revenue

This is one of the reasons most players don’t get paid after winning a jackpot. Most casinos offer huge prizes but their revenue is very small. So if a player wins a huge amount, it may either pay the winning in small instalments or may not pay at all.


5. Software developers

Software developers are responsible for developing, designing, and launching the games played on an online casino. If you play on a casino that doesn’t have reputable software developers, there is a huge possibility that you may lose your money. For instance, the software developers may program results to be at the favour of the casino. 

However, if you play on a casino with reputable software developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Play n’ GO and so on, their no way the games will be rigged.


6. Customer support

The only avenue to interact with the online casino is via their customer support personnel. If their response to queries takes a long time, then don’t register with the site. Most efficient online casinos have a 24/7 customer agent ready to respond to any query. Always, you chat live with their agents too.

Meanwhile, some also provide email addresses or toll-free phone numbers. Whatever be the case, ensure that their customer support is active and responsive.


7. Website layout

If it is easy to navigate their website without too much hassle, then you can also consider registering with the site. If it is difficult to navigate through the website, then maybe you should consider another option.


8. Deposit and withdrawal option

This may be the last be certainly not the least. Like they often say, the best is left for the last. If they don’t have banking methods that are used in Sweden, stay away! Also, find out their withdrawal timeframe. if it is more than & days, may you need to consider another option.

Good Luck!

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