How to Choose Gold Promise Ring For Her?


A promise is a commitment to something or keeping a secret. Whether it is a promise of fidelity, a promise to always tell the truth, to be together, to love, or to be a friend. 

The very tradition of giving rings as a sign, a symbol of something goes back to antiquity. We can see through the ages how it came to be in ancient Greece and Rome. During the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages and the Age of Enlightenment the tradition did not disappear but even grew stronger. Nowadays rings are given as a sign of engagement and exchanged at weddings, but that’s not all. If a couple is not yet ready to get married but understands that their feelings are genuine and will eventually grow into something more, they give each other dainty gold promise rings. This way they show themselves and everyone around them that their intentions are serious.

But how do you choose a promise ring? 

The answer is simple: price, size, quality and appearance. Let’s take a closer look at each of these points

How much should the ring cost?

Determine a comfortable amount for yourself. This will narrow down your search and make it much easier to find your jewellery in the catalogue.

Don’t go to the extreme of wanting to save money. But don’t spend more money than you can afford, either, so that the purchase doesn’t weigh you down. The important thing about the ring is that it has a twist that emphasises how important the person is to you. In short: remain a realist who knows how to surprise. Buy a promise ring you’ll be proud of yourself.


It’s best if you’ve already bought a ring for your friend or loved one. Then you already know the size and there is no problem. 

How do I know the size of a ring on my ring finger?

This is the inner diameter of the ring in mm for example 16, 16.5, 17.


Instagram pages of unknown brands or showrooms, more like pawnshops – leave these places for experiments. They are inappropriate for important pieces of jewellery, such as engagement or wedding rings. Sure, you’ll pay a little more in a shop with beautiful showcases or on a large website. But your peace of mind is worth a lot more. And if anything goes wrong, you’ll have the chance to exchange the jewellery and most importantly, get professional advice.

What should a golden promise ring be like?

If you know your sweetheart well, the chances of her not liking the ring are minimal. Study her wardrobe, her habits, appearance, style, and habits. Take into account her work and hobbies. All of this adds up to one picture. Then immediately answer the question of whether to choose a ring with a stone, very wide or vice versa, with or without engraving. And yes, don’t get hung up on one option. The world of jewellery is much bigger than that.

It is advisable to choose a promise ring for your significant other: it should not only be symbolic but also comfortable; the design and price should be more modest than that of a future engagement ring. The important thing is that your beloved understands that she will one day wear a precious engagement ring in place of her vow ring and, afterwards, an engagement ring.

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