How to Choose Electric Moped

Electric Moped

The first thing those who want to buy a new electric moped at qeemoto pay attention to is its appearance. Nowadays, models with a modern design are gaining more and more popularity. They don’t have the extra wires that wrap around most of the steering wheel. All controls are assembled and presented in a minimalistic design.

Depending on your wishes, you can choose various colours. Plastic elements are made in bright colours (blue, orange), decorated with prints and other unusual images.

If the future owner prefers a retro style, they will definitely like the vintage design of:

  • SUN 1000;
  • Vespa;
  • Nova.

Many brands offer similar stylish electric mopeds that will make both men and women feel great at the wheel.

These vehicles are replacing conventional cars and scooters more often. Car owners switch to environmentally friendly mopeds that don’t require regular refuelling.

Maximum speed

Sunra Robo S allows a speed of 70 km/h on average. This is slightly higher than the admissible speed of driving within the city. Many people who are accustomed to driving fast, regardless of restrictions, often consider faster models that accelerate to 100 km/h. At this speed, it is convenient to move outside the city.

To go to work on an electric moped, you can purchase a scooter with a battery capacity of up to 4 thousand watts. You will drive at a comfortable speed within 40 km/h and quickly reach your office.

For those who like to drive, there are models with a battery capacity of up to 10 thousand watts. They can accelerate to 120 km/h and cost several times more than conventional mopeds. On such mopeds, you will be able to drive more than 100 km in complete silence. Don’t forget that the electric moped doesn’t make unnecessary sounds while driving, so traveling at high speeds will not cause inconvenience to others.


Naturally, you can drive a moped not only in the daytime. Therefore, the design of electric mopeds provides built-in headlights, which produce enough level of lighting. You can explore the design of the Sunra Robo-S with a large headlight and a U-shaped LED system.

To turn on the headlights, many people prefer to use a special app installed on their smartphones. With such a utility, you can study the state of your electric moped, its charge and other parameters necessary for the correct operation of the vehicle.


An electric moped can have a built-in or a removable battery. If you choose a model with a built-in battery, you will be able to fully use the power indicated in its documentation. The high battery capacity is what allows you to drive as long as possible without additional recharging.

If you prefer removable batteries, charging will be much easier. You will need to disconnect the battery and take it home to charge it. The charging time, regardless of the battery model, is within 5 hours. A full charge will be enough to cover a 100 km distance or more.

An easy way to find out how much your vehicle can travel is to look at the dashboard. It shows the basic information about the operation of the electric moped, the distance traveled and the time that the moped can travel without recharging. Similar data will be displayed on your smartphone if you use the special app.

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