How To Boost Your Traffic With Good Web Design Agency


Having a good web design can boost your traffic. How do you know what constitutes a good web design? Well, it’s all about the simplicity of the site and whether or not it looks “lived-in”. A good website designed by professionals like Swift Business Solutions is easy to navigate and contains posts that are easy to read. It should also be mobile-friendly so that visitors can easily access your content no matter what device they’re on! Let’s see what the top 6 components of good web design are for boosting traffic!

1. Navigation

Navigation is very important because you need to make it easy for visitors to go back and forth between your pages. If the navigation bar has too many options, it can overwhelm your visitors, which is why if you’re new to web design, White Label Web Design Services can help a lot. You should also be able to let them search through your content, but not leaving this option out there (people should know that they could search if they wanted to).

2. Fonts and Colors

Fonts and colors can make or break a website, especially for businesses that target a certain clientele based on their preferences. For example, if you’re designing something aimed at children, you should use kid-friendly fonts and bright colors! If it’s an “adult” product line, then you can use more professional fonts and colors. Basically, colors are what make your site look lived in because the right layout with no content won’t really pop out much. That’s why people seek out good website design from Los Angeles in the first place! Be sure to choose bold fonts that aren’t too big otherwise they will also overwhelm your visitors. The font color should contrast well with the background so that visitors can easily read your articles.

3. Call to Action

You should always have a “call to action” because it means exactly that – ask your visitors what you want them to do! This is an important aspect of web design because if you don’t tell people what you want, they won’t know whether or not they can look around and leave or if they need to sign up for something. For example, if you’re using the site as a landing page for a sale, make sure there’s a big button at the bottom of the page asking people to sign up for your newsletter because it will increase traffic. You could also use freebies like eBooks or guidebooks as incentives because people love free things!

4. Form and Function

Form and function go hand in hand because you can’t have one without the other. You should know who your target market is so that you know what works best for them. For example, if your site targets children, then putting different sizing options for fonts on there isn’t very necessary. It’s best to keep it simple with one size option so as not to overwhelm young visitors! Just like navigation, if the buttons don’t do anything or they’re too small (or too big), then it defeats the purpose of having them there at all. The form also needs function; otherwise, it won’t work properly without causing errors!

5. Images and Videos

People respond well to images and videos because it stimulates the visual senses. You already know that having a good font is important, but it’s also important to not go overboard with them either. Because of the large emphasis on media today, you need to make sure that your site can support it! Some sites choose not to include any visuals at all because they don’t think it will add anything – even though sometimes seeing a video or image without sound can be very powerful when done right!

6. Social Media Integration

In today’s day and age, social media integration is critical in web design because everyone wants their visitors to share content from their site on Facebook, Twitter, etc… That means giving visitors an easy way so they don’t have to search for it! You can’t force them to do it, obviously, but you should include a Facebook “like” or Twitter “follow” button at the very least. There are also other ways that social media is important in web design, such as when visitors have to sign up for your email list before they’re redirected from a certain page. Not only does this encourage sharing on social media platforms, but it also builds a stronger community and gets more people involved with your company!


If you want to boost your traffic, then it’s important to have a good web design. Of course, other factors come into play when increasing traffic – such as giving visitors a reason to come back and sticking with SEO practices – but having ease of navigation is one of the most important ones! Try using these tips if you haven’t already done so because it could increase your traffic in no time!

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