How Office Environments Encourage Activity and Mental Wellbeing


As we are in the month of mental health awareness, we have to emphasize its importance of it. Mental health and well-being should be everyone’s first priority as it is the source of everything else. As most of us work and we spend almost half of our day there, the office environment has a big impact on our accomplishments and mental well-being.  

If you are looking for a job, or you are starting your own business and are trying to find the right office, keep reading to find out what you should be looking for.

How colors in your workplace affect productivity

We have probably all heard people say things like: “It’s raining and this weather makes me feel bad and sad” or “It’s sunny, I’m happy for no reason.”  or “my mood depends on the weather “. Well, it is proven scientifically that weather really does affect your mood. Colors are listed in the first 3 indicators that affect mood changes. The same goes for the colors in your workplace.

If you are surrounded by light and warm colors, you are most likely to be calm and cozy, which leads to you being productive. But if you are surrounded by dark colors, the chances are higher for you to be feeling more in a bad mood and end up being less productive.  To understand better the psychology of color and how they impact your mood you can read Angela Wright’s book  The beginner’s guide to color psychology.

So, use colors that blend well together and are balanced out with neutrals, too. But be careful and don’t add too many colors because that can distract employees and it can seem chaotic. Go ECO, every eco-friendly detail has its own importance on the environment and also for the well-being. Nonetheless, organizing an Eco-friendly event from time to time, will have a better impact to the team productivity and welfare.

The importance of natural light

Every place that we stay for a considerably long time, needs to be lighted by natural light in order for it to be a healthy environment. Studies show that natural light can help employees avoid headaches. That’s because fluorescent lighting flickers and that can cause migraines. Considering how we spend a long time in our offices, it is necessary for them to have as much natural light as possible. This way we can be healthier, in a better mood, and way more productive. So, keep this in mind if you are trying to find the right office space in Brooklyn, NY.

The temperature and ventilation are so important too. Make sure the office’s temperature is always checked and in coordination with the weather. And you should always pay attention to the ventilation and make sure it is working well and not causing any noise that can disturb the workers.

 The importance of the furniture

Every piece of furniture in the office should be chosen carefully but you should pay way more attention to chairs. Investing in good and comfortable chairs and other furniture will pay off not only by the looks of them but also in the performance of the employees. Choose good desk chairs that create good posture for employees but make sure they are not too cozy to make the staff sleepy. 

 Listen to music to have better focus.

An utterly silent place may seem like the perfect ambient to work and be more focused, but studies show that that’s not true at all. An utterly quiet environment will only make you more aware of the silence and that way your brain will start to overthink and not pay much attention to the work you are doing. So, it’s always preferable to have some music in the background playing but at a low volume.

There are some special sounds that help increase productivity and focus.

  • Alpha waves – reduce stress, relaxation, and focus, increase positive thinking.
  • Beta waves – increase concentration, high-level cognition, analytical thinking, great energy, and action.
  • Gamma waves –  increase different ways of thinking, good memory, increased cognitive enhancement.

To conclude, everything that surrounds us can affect our mental health. So try to surround yourself with great people and bright positive places, But most importantly,  keep in mind that everything starts in your mind. Talk and think in a positive way about yourself. 

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.