How Much Slot Machines Cost?

Slot Machines Cost

Everything in this world has a price. Anything, be it a toothbrush or a car, can be budgetary, serial, or (with the right approach) it can turn into an exclusive, the price of which will be expressed not even in thousands, but in millions of dollars.

There are such unique people in the gambling industry. And this is not the most expensive poker chip, not the smallest deck of cards, or even the most accurate dice. Records are set by His Majesty Slot Machine!

Slot machines are known to make a lot of money in casinos. In fact, slot machines are easily better in terms of revenue than any other gambling. However, gambling for slot machines is not that cheap. To buy these games, the casino has to pay a lot of money.

After all, sockets are installed in large cabinets with the latest technology. As you can imagine, they are expensive. But how much do sockets cost? Slotsspot web platform gambling expert Vitaliy Coleman kindly provided interesting information for writing this article.

We solve this by talking about the cost of creating slot machines, how much a casino costs, and how these slot machines differ from the slot machines sold in the retail market.

The cost of making slot machines

The history of the slot machine goes back over a hundred years. They first appeared in America, where they served as entertainment in shops, gas stations and other places. Any visitor could walk up to the machine and try their luck. A lot has changed in more than a hundred years: ultra-modern, stylish slot machines have completely switched to electronics, leaving mechanical reels in the distant past. The latest developments of the leading gambling equipment manufacturers cost a lot of money.

Additional information is required for sockets to work. The three main components are a money management device, an LCD screen and a housing.

Their prices may vary depending on the stage of development. Casinos, however, have a general idea of ​​how much they pay for these different goods.

Cabinets alone can cost $ 500-2000. The lower limit is based on the casino reserving several slot machines at the same time.

Cabinets are very expensive because they contain many items. It has a sound, power, light, card reader, buttons and more.

Casinos operating in this field can save money by buying cheaper unmarked products, but many games of chance pay more for game logos and other graphics.

The price of an LCD monitor depends on the size and quality of the pixels. In the first case, the screen size ranges from 19 “to 23”.

Some newer games also require touch screen technology, which increases the price. An improved banknote viewer will also increase the number of casinos.

Gaming companies typically pay $ 250-300 for an LCD screen. Of course, the price is also affected by many other details in gambling.

Here are a few other things that can affect casinos that pay for slot machines.

  • Integrated game board

This book installs game software. With the latest playing card suitable for most games, it can cost $ 100-1000.

  • Game software

The gaming software itself starts at $ 3,000. If you pay a developer to install and customize your site, the cost may increase.

  • Convert to VGA

This part is very important for the LCD screen. Usually the price is 50-100 USD.

  • I / O scoreboard

These fees increase costs from $ 100 to $ 200.

How much do slot machines pay for a casino?

The casino can immediately buy a slot machine or rent it for several years. Gambling companies will be more likely to buy cars that they believe will be valuable in the long run.

Casinos need to be willing to spend a lot of money on games. A new slot typically costs between $ 15,000 and $ 25,000.

You see, the prices are very different. The most important part of the sale of slot machines are the above mentioned parts of machines.

However, the final selling price may be affected by other factors. A themed gambling with an expensive license agreement will be closer to $ 25,000 (or more).

Casinos can also enter into profit-sharing agreements with manufacturers for progressive slot machines. These events can reduce costs if the developer receives a portion of the revenue.

But sockets are not cheap even then. These are technologically advanced toys that are expensive to set up, which is reflected in the final selling price.

Buying slots in a casino differs from collecting

On eBay, you will find many slots that can be sold for hundreds of dollars. So you may be wondering why casinos don’t fill the space with these cheap games.

There are collections of games on eBay that have been used in casinos for a long time. These cars are considered so old and obsolete that they are no longer profitable.

Individuals and private companies can purchase these games as a collection. Leave your old slots out of nostalgia or sell them at the antiques market.

In any case, buying slots on eBay, as in all other auctions, is no different than buying slots in a casino. The laws of most countries and federations allow you to purchase a gaming machine without a license for personal or antique use.

The vendor market is full of classic three-reel games and old five-reel games that have not been discovered on the court. If you are also interested in buying one of these games, you need to consider a number of factors.

There are a few things to consider before buying a slot machine.

  • Do you buy due to nostalgia for your previous visit to the casino?
  • Is the slot you bought an investment?
  • What size are you looking?
  • Do you want to play the game?
  • What is about your money?
  • What laws apply in your country?

When it comes to budget, you usually find the best prices at every retailer. They’re probably just trying to get their money back for an old game they don’t need anymore.

In contrast, network companies pay a higher price. Cars are bought and sold for profit.

He probably won’t buy a slot machine and won’t make a big profit. After all, most of today’s games were mass and small in value.

Delivery also plays an important role in price. Most cars weigh 200 to 250 pounds, and some are larger and more expensive.

Shipping costs at ATMs typically range from $ 200 to $ 600. However, you can play in person if you live close enough.

From the point of view of state law, the market for locksmiths may be different. We recommend that you read the national gambling legislation carefully before purchasing.

It’s usually okay before you try to open a casino without permission, but you should still check your opinion on the subject.

Hawaii and Alabama don’t even allow the purchase of niches for old-fashioned purposes. However, under certain circumstances, slots can be purchased in more than 40 countries.

As a result, casinos do not usually buy older and cheaper slot machines. You can’t make a lot of money with these games.

However, you can have fun navigating the navigation market and find your starting points. Opening up in the basement is a great start to a conversation.

Can casinos that offer discounted RTP cover the cost of slot machines?

One of the most common problems with slot machines is poor player return (RTP). Typically, RTP in games is between 90% and 94%.

The payout percentage for the Las Vegas Strip is shown below:

  • penny – 88.30% RTP (11.7% casino advantage);
  • nickel – 91.63% RTP (8.37% casino advantage);
  • quarterly – 89.40% RTP (10.60% gaming margin);
  • USD – 92.30% RTP (7.70% live casino);
  • multipurpose – 93.61% RTP (6.39% gaming advantage).

This payout ratio two or three decades ago didn’t look so bad when land-based casinos were the only places where they could play slot machines. Online slot machines, however, have changed people’s attitudes towards a good return on investment.

Most sites have an RTP of 95-97%. Given the many slot machines, you may still feel like you’re winning at this speed, but playing online free casino slot games is more interesting and safer.

It is important to understand, however, that using and maintaining gaps in place is much more expensive. As mentioned above, new products range in price from $ 15,000 to $ 25,000.

Of course, online casinos also have to pay for the games of chance they use. After all, this game is created by a paid team of developers.

However, the cost of licensing gaming sites from developers to online casinos is generally not close to the cost of filling a casino with physical slot machines. Land transport is essential for the supply of smaller RTPs to cover the gaps.

You also need to take care of the overhead costs of gambling sites. Ordinary institutions have to pay staff and expensive bills.

Inland casinos create a fundamentally unique gaming experience. Many visitors adore the sights and sounds of stone houses.

Not all players are aware that they are paying more for the experience. However, if you can choose between an online casino and a regular casino, you will probably choose the latter.

Personally, you can’t think you’d have to look for a lower RTP to enjoy the gaming atmosphere. In this case, it is better to play on online slot machines, as this gives you more chances to win.


Many casinos pay millions of dollars to fill their arcades. This price may seem too high for toys, but not if you consider how much they cost to make.

First, the developer needs to create a fun and in-depth game. This process is just the beginning, as manufacturers have to assemble the grooves.

A golf cabinet is an expensive product that can cost up to $ 2,000. However, the price is acceptable if you think the tray needs power, lighting, a sound system, a button, and a card reader.

The second most expensive part of slot machines is the LCD screen. They range from 19 to 23 inches and can cost as much as $ 300.

Gaming software is usually the most expensive product. That’s about $ 3,000 or more for the final sale price.

These are just some of the more important parts of slot machines. Each game requires many different components, small and large.

Eventually, the casino will pay between $ 15,000 and $ 25,000 to buy a new game.

Some players look at slot machines for a few hundred dollars and wonder why the casino doesn’t buy them. After all, these cheap starting points can be replaced with expensive ones.

The problem, however, is that all the old outlets have failed. They don’t attract many players outside of modern technologically advanced slot machines.

You can enjoy shopping for games at retail and save them for personal use, but the casino doesn’t use them too much.

To impress an audience, you need to buy or rent new and expensive toys. Unfortunately, casinos also have to offer a lower RTP to cover the cost of gambling.

You will usually only see 90-94% of the land RTP. But at least he sees that a lower return on investment is justified in calculating the cost.

You may also have less chance of winning if you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real casino. This type of game cannot be played on a smartphone or computer.

But the most valuable are rarities – the first slot machines that have survived to this day. Having been in the skilled hands of a master, they, restored to perfect condition, can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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