How Japanese Casinos are Changing Slot Games


With the massive rise of the online community and so many business and stores making their products and services available to the masses of people who access the internet every day, it only makes sense that gambling has made its way to the online world as well. With online casinos, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own bed to get all the gambling experiences one would find in a regular casino and more.

An extremely popular game, that has become increasingly more popular as the years go by, is slots. However, more recently casinos have broken away from the traditional slot experience by adding in many new features and enhancing the quality of the games drastically.

Online Japanese casinos have done this exact same thing but have revolutionised it by adding their own twist. Japan has extremely strict gambling laws, however, they do have access to online gambling and they have definitely used this to their advantage. Continue reading to find out how Japanese casinos are changing slot games.

Bringing in new themes

Online casinos have been introducing different themes into their games for a while now, with ones such as movies for the film fanatics, music for those more musically inclined, and even video games for those more interested in game play. This is done by including elements of each theme through the use of different symbols on the slots, music to match each theme, and effects that suit the chosen theme.

Japan, however, has taken the slot game above and beyond, with popular gambling sites such as Casino X being an excellent example, it only takes a quick look at their homepage to see how anime styles have been implemented to appeal to the Japanese audience, as you can see below. If you want to see the anime styles implemented on Casino X you can find more information through this review from Manekineko Casino.

Anime is a style of animation that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and the online gambling community in Japan have taken full advantage of this by making it desirable for the Japanese, not to mention that anime and Japanese culture has become very popular in the more western countries recently meaning that this game style is not only popular and refined to just one country.  

Enhancing immersion

Traditionally, slot games are exceedingly simple. Sitting at a slot machine and merely just pushing a button or pulling a lever just to watch the reels spin can be incredibly boring, especially those who have been exposed to the already reasonably colourful world of online gambling.

Japan it taking massive steps to change the game completely by adding in characters that have full storylines which enhances the immersion as it gives players a reason to play other than just the potential money making aspect of the game. Japan has made gambling gamified to the extent where it feels more like an immersive video game than just regular old slots.

Within these types of games you have access to a whole map of kingdoms that players can choose from, having to defeat bosses to level up and progress to more difficult game. By doing this, they have made the game more of an adventure. Not only are these games bright, colourful, and enticing, but the lively animations also create a sense of excitement for a player.

Redefining the genre

Japanese casinos are completely redefining the genre by breaking away from the way that traditional slot games work and introducing so many more different features.

With these online Japanese casino games, you can speed up the game play so as not to waste your time on the boring part and get back to the narrative of the game. Not only can you do that, but by playing the games you can get points for beating certain games and clearing the levels, defeat characters written into the game such as bosses, and even get rewards such as free spins.

All of these are elements are gamification which is the use of gaming elements in a non-video game platform. These exciting new elements are still followed closely by the regular slot characteristics, such as the music, sounds, animations, and graphics, but are advanced dramatically, so there is still some sense of the old game ways.  

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