How Homeowners Can Become Debt-Free


Owning a home offers several benefits to homeowners at any age in every city — from rising property values and earning equity to raising families and hosting significant celebrations. While there are many reasons to enjoy owning a home, the reality is that the financial aspect can often take its toll.

Homeowners struggling with debt have the added pressure of paying down their debts on top of managing a household and balancing a budget. The good news is that there is hope for homeowners across the country. Becoming debt-free is attainable with a few simple, pragmatic steps.

Build a Better Budget

The key to climbing out of debt may simply lie in your current budget. Budgeting is a challenging skill to perfect, especially when you’re juggling all of the expenses that come with owning a home. Before you look for external help, it may be worthwhile to break-down your finances and layout every expense against your current income.

If you’re unsure where to begin, it may be helpful to utilize one of several budget apps currently available. These apps are meant to act as an organizational tool, a way to examine where your money is now being spent and find ways to free-up extra funds, which you can then use to make larger debt payments and clear your balance much faster.

The Snowball Method

The snowball method is designed to speed up the payment process — the first step involves listing each of your debts from the smallest to the most significant balance. All of your remaining income should go towards the smaller debts while still making the minimum payments on the more substantial debts.

In time, the smaller balances should be taken care of, which will free up more money that you can then put towards your more significant debts.

Finding the Right Lender

Finding your way out of debt isn’t an easy feat, which is why it’s essential to know where your lending options are in your hometown. Traditional lenders are a standard option, though their extensive interviews and strict credit standings can negatively impact many homeowners from accessing the money they need quickly and without any inconvenience.

Debt doesn’t wait until you have enough money to pay off the entire loan. Your collectors expect monthly payments to avoid their interest rates. That’s why the experts at offer an entirely automated, efficient lending experience. They understand homeowners don’t often have the time to wait for a loan to handle their outstanding balances.

Earn Extra Income

While second jobs may bring on additional workloads and stress, they could be a vital tool to paying down your debt and building healthier savings. Depending on how much debt you’ve accumulated, the time you’ll need to commit to this job will vary. If you’re able to buckle down and pay off your debts swiftly, you can go back to focusing on your primary job and building a healthier long-term budget.

Additionally, supplementary income can come from you directly rather than going out and looking for a second employer. If you have a skill set that you can utilize — whether it’s tech-based knowledge, sewing, or photography, among others — that could be the best way to earn extra capital. You have the freedom to create your schedule and decide on your rates.

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