How Do Apps Improve Your Business? 

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Nowadays, the development of mobile applications has become a booming sector. Indeed, as the number of smartphone and tablet users exceeds that of computers, it becomes clear that the development of mobile applications is a key factor in business success. Today custom iOS app development service is an effective tool for business scaling as well as Android app development service.

In addition, compared to other channels, mobile applications offer multiple advantages:

  • they quickly become visible thanks to platforms such as the App Store and Google Play;
  • represent an opportunity for companies’ visibility;
  • make it possible to exploit smartphone-related features, including cameras, facial recognition, augmented reality, etc.
  • allow users to benefit from a personalized experience

As a result, mobile applications are more than just a “conversion” of a website to another format.

All you need to know before creating and distributing your own mobile application

First, you need to be aware of different types of mobile applications. In terms of mobile application development, several options are available to you.

Let’s start with a native application. This corresponds to the development of a mobile application for each operating system, for example, an application program for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

The development of the application is done with smartphone development languages, such as Objective C on iOS and Java on Android. This allows the mobile application to fully exploit the capabilities of each smartphone.

If we are talking about hybrid applications, you need to understand that these applications are developed from technology compatible with both Android and iOS.

The goal is to avoid the development of two completely separate applications. However, this type of application does not allow you to use all the features of the smartphone. To develop a hybrid application, simply use an engine or hybrid languages, such as React Native that works on iOS and Android.

A web app or PWA corresponds to the development of a website specially designed for mobile usage.

The design of this site is based on traditional web technologies, such as HTML 5, CSS 3, etc. The site works via the smartphone browser and the user experience is similar to that of the native application.

There is one more type, it is a responsive website. This is the optimization of a website for mobile use (like the one on which you are reading this article).

Note that a responsive website is not a mobile application, it is simply the possibility of using a website on a smartphone.

What do you need to create the best mobile application? 

Before embarking on the design of a mobile app, you should know that learning computer languages is far from easy and can take a long time.

However, there are service providers like Perpet which are able to take care of this complex task. There are several options to choose:

  • web generators, these tools greatly facilitate the work of beginners in web programming. However, they are very limited in terms of customization.
  • independent developers, they take care of the execution of the code and make the necessary adjustments according to your needs
  • agencies, and their entire team as well as project managers, developers and marketing experts will accompany you throughout your mobile project

What are the main trends in the mobile application market?

The increasing digitization of the global market has led to the emergence of mobile applications, a phenomenon that has been in place for some time. Now, people have mobile applications that meet all their needs.

As a result, it is clear that new trends are emerging to make the industry more profitable and innovative.

Here you will find a detailed report of trends in this industry:

Let’s start with IoT, it refers to a set of technological infrastructures, designed to pilot different objects using an Internet connection.

These objects called connected or “smart” objects, can be controlled remotely via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Mainly used in home automation, IoT is now used in agriculture, medicine, etc.

A Cloud or PaaS application is similar to a web application. Indeed, it does not require any download and is accessible from a browser.

Nevertheless, a Cloud application has higher computing power and storage capacity than a Web App. In fact, it uses several interconnected servers to operate, and offers much greater security.

Instant application technology was developed by Google. The role of an instant application is to allow users to test the functionality of an application before installing it. It represents, in a way, the demo version of an application, while being accessible via a browser.

Since the emergence of home devices such as Alexa and Siri, applications incorporating a voice user interface have experienced a real craze.

Thanks to this technology, users navigate an application or site using voice commands. In addition, half of the searches carried out on the Internet are currently done by voice command.

In addition, the virtual and increased reality market will be multiplied by eight over the next two years.

The demand for VR applications is very high, especially in the video game and real estate sectors. The goal is to offer customers an immersive and interactive experience. As for augmented reality, it is mainly used in e-commerce.

What are the possible business models for a mobile application? 

Many business models are possible for a mobile application. Here we are going to mention the most common types, such as:

  • The service share

The application is offered as a complementary service to optimise performance. Generally optional and free, it allows the company to increase its income.

  • The brand image

This model is generally used by companies wishing to improve their reputation and gain reputation. Thus, downloading and using the application is free of charge.

  • The subscription

The download fee for this type of application is calculated according to the expected duration of use.

  • In-app purchases

Although the download of the application is free, some specific features, some digital content or the deactivation of advertising are chargeable.

  • The app at a low price

In this model, the application is offered at a low price, usually 0.99 euros, in order to attract many users.

  • The app with a high price

The risks associated with this type of model are considerable. It is recommended to use it only when you have a specific audience.

There is no reason to stay away from such a cool tool for your business as your own application. Hire a team of professionals for development and enjoy all the benefits today! 

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