How Crypto Casinos Keep Players Safe in 2023

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Crypto casinos have taken the world by storm. This relatively new industry has found a way to simplify gambling without excessive compromise on the experience. Gamers can now enjoy their favorite titles in the comfort of their homes without needing to journey to a brick-and-mortar casino nearby or play dress-up. But with new inventions come new problems; the online nature of these casinos has many people fearing for their safety, as they don’t always operate under the same licencing conditions as fiat online casinos. 

But it would appear online crypto casino operators have always been a step ahead and already have a contingency for any fears prospective players might have–these are some of them:

Active customer support

One simple yet effective way crypto casinos have been able to quell players’ fears is by providing active customer support. Knowing that at any time of the day you choose to game, you can always reach out to qualified help that can guide you through any hiccups is one of the reasons crypto casinos have been able to stay afloat this long. 

Licensing and certification

Easily, one of the most important safety features for players is seeing that their choice of operator has the proper licensing and certifications. While it is safer to use casinos with licensing from their home country, examples being the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) in the UK, the Gambling Regulatory Authority for online casinos in Singapore, and the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) in Germany, online crypto casinos can be, and often are, licensed offshore. 

Other gambling regulators include but are not limited to the following:

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Curaçao Gaming Control Board
  • Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Macau Gaming Inspection and Communication Bureau
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission
  • Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling

Having these licenses shows players the crypto casino’s willingness to ensure and maintain regulatory compliance. Although it’s not a requirement for crypto casinos to hold such a licence as it is for fiat casinos, having a licence offers extra security and peace of mind for players.

Fair gaming practice

The reason casinos are very popular is that how much you win depends on your strategy and, sometimes, how many people have been playing a slot machine before you. Online, where it is computer software generating random ones and zeros, it becomes difficult to factor in luck and it simply becomes whatever the algorithm wants. Does not sound fair does it?

The solution is the introduction of the Random Number Generation (RNG) algorithm. The algorithm imitates the randomness of the die roll and the card shuffle. Crypto casinos also use provably fair technology to allow players to verify that the RNG was indeed random each time, and that the outcome of the game was, well, fair and random. It makes it near impossible for the game to be tampered with, especially when you consider that the software resides with a third party and not the casino.

Independent regulatory audits

The presence of independent regulatory auditors like Canada’s Technical Systems Testing (TST) and London-based eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) is another way online crypto casinos assure players of their safety. Both agencies are privately managed and extensively test the systems that the players would be using to ensure their personal and financial information remain uncompromised. 

Penetration tests

Crypto casinos looking to ensure and guarantee player safety subject their systems to routine penetration tests. These tests simulate the kind of attacks common in the industry, using the same tools that would be expected of hackers to find vulnerabilities in the system. This owes to the fact that no system is ever one hundred percent foolproof, and with technology advancing every day, these systems must be constantly tested to find loopholes that can be plugged in to avoid exploitation. 

Secure payment method

The very nature of cryptocurrency is that it allows users to access a safer and more secure system than traditional and fiat systems. It works on blockchain technology that makes transactions irreversible and stores financial information on an unalterable ledger, ensuring transparency. Having such a secure payment method enables users total control over their funds and reduces risks of financial fraud, and the volatile nature of cryptocurrency gives the user a chance of turning a further profit on their wins. 

Reliable gaming providers

All online crypto casinos are only as good as their game offerings. This is why it is crucial that these casinos refrain from trying to cut costs by using unverified gaming providers that could put the users in jeopardy. Reliable gaming providers like Orion InfoSolutions, NetEnt, Play Tech, among others

Responsible gambling features

Reputable crypto casinos are not money-grab schemes. They exist to provide players with gaming options and exciting experiences, but never at the expense of the player. This is why they often have fair gaming practices in play that ensure players feel safe and know their interests are still being protected. Some of these practices include deposit and withdrawal limits and self-exclusion features for players who feel like they need a break.

Staff training

An important but often overlooked piece of the puzzle is staff training. While the games are hosted online, it’s very likely they are managed by human personnel. They are tasked with the smooth running of the online crypto casino and how much training they have to that effect would significantly influence the experiences of users using the services of their favorite online operator. 

Using secure tech

Like every other company that hosts its services online and handles sensitive user data, it is important to implement technology that secures the servers that hold the data. One such technology is HTTPS which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. If you check this URL, you would see it starts with https://. This means that your communications are encrypted and hackers can not steal your information, preventing impersonations. 

Another important piece of kit is Cloudflare technnology. It helps protect the website from bots, DDoS attacks and other hacks. 

Updating software

Once you have all the important tech, it is equally crucial that it is adequately maintained. Online operators pressed about user safety often ensure that their online firewalls and safety nets are frequently updated. Doing so allows users to enjoy the industry standard as far as gaming online securely is involved. 


Keeping online crypto casino players safe is an intentional process. These daily important pieces of the security jigsaw puzzle ensure consumer data stays secure. The above are some of the most important ways the industry giants ensure security and are what security-conscious consumers should have in mind when shopping for their next online crypto casino service. 

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