How Can MT5 Users Generate Passive Income with Elite CurrenSea Tools?

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One of the most used platforms for Forex trading has been MetaTrader 5, also known as MT5. The platform combines different analytical tools in one user-friendly interface that eases the whole process for traders and helps beginners to understand how this complex system works. With the evolution of the fintech industry, lots of organizations and companies took interest in automating most if not all of their trading processes through automated software. This trend generated a high demand for automated trading robots also known as expert advisors(EA). EA’s work with trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Founded in 2014, Elite CurrenSea is an award-winning trading and education company that started with an emphasis on informational content and pivoted towards developing their own Automated Trading Robots and other specialized tools.

Which Expert Advisor to use for generating passive income

Expert Advisors are always met with a little bit of skepticism due to the fact that they are so innovative and relatively new to the market. It should be noted that automated trading comes with higher risks of failure as well so it is always advised to invest in one that has a stable trading history.

One of the best performing automated trading robots that ECS has introduced is Atena EA. This Expert advisor has not closed a single month on a loss while operating since January of 2020. Athena EA is fully compatible with MetaTrader 5 and allows individuals to take a step back from trading while the robot takes care of everything itself. It is fully automated with no requirements for interjection.

Elite CurrenSea makes it easy for even novice traders to enjoy their products – Athena EA comes with a special guidebook that helps you set the parameters for the robot with various technical indicators and different limits. As mentioned previously, it is crucial to double-check which bot you are going to use in order to not be scammed in the future. Athena EA has third party verification with all of the trading history available on myfxbook.

The data shows Athena EA averages in making a 200% yearly return. It should be noted that the key reason for this success is the strong algorithm behind the robot which Elite CurrenSea takes pride in. Meticulous research and development made it possible for traders to start earning passive income without any additional work. Automated trading robots are very time efficient, requiring minimal involvement due to the fact that most of them are fully autonomous.

Athena EA has two versions for you to choose from. The rental version lets you have the robot for €799 (billed annually) or invest in a lifetime plan for €999 and have the access to the robot for the rest of your life. The second version is a managed account that lets you start trading with €0 upfront fees with a profit share of 25 to 35%, depending on the net capital of the trading account.

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