How Can Animation Explainer Videos Help You Increase Leads and Conversions?

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Successful brands across different industries are constantly looking to increase conversion rates and increase leads. While the most commonly used techniques, like adding testimonials, a strong CTA, social media presence- one of the most beneficial is an animated explainer video.

61% of marketers see video as a “very important or essential” part of their marketing strategy. (Biteable)

The video format brings powerful audience engagement in the digital age. As you can already see, video content is all over the internet. Moreover, people like to consume content in the form of short videos, compared to text-heavy ones. 

On top of it, animated explainer videos work best to drive emotions, create powerful associations with the brand, evoke interest, and lead towards a CTA to ultimately check the company’s website. 

Several benefits of an animated explainer videoanimated explainer

• Simple to understand 

Animated videos with simple easy-to-read texts allow you to introduce your services/products in a brief format. A one or two-minute animated video is sufficient to hook the viewer and lead him towards the CTA. 

When the viewers can grasp the concept of your brand or product/service, they are more likely to visit the website. Additionally, animated explainer videos can be used to attract a variety of audiences – from kids to adults. 

It grabs the attention and makes the viewers listen to what the brand says. As a result, people become interested in the product or service, which increases the ROI and conversion of the business.

Videos work well, especially for complex products related to tech or SaaS. It’s hard to get people to take action if they don’t understand what your product does exactly and how they can use it. Creating an explainer video for SaaS startups will provide a memorable and quick introduction to your product and help you communicate with your target audience efficiently.

• Evokes emotions 

The animation works as an impactful emotion driver. Engaging stories backed by funny illustrations and apt music can contribute a lot towards attracting a viewer. Furthermore, an animated explainer video makes it easier for viewers to understand the logic behind the video and compels them to buy the product/service. 

It is human nature to become connected with things, tangible or intangible. And when your videos make the viewers feel something, you can be sure that they are going to check out your website.  

You can show the story about how the product came to be. Or characterize your employees and show the workings of your company. The options are infinite. 

A nice custom-made video with a truly engaging story, characters, and stunning animation, while using the right colors focusing on the right audience leads to a strong human connection.

If the video is impactful, and the viewer drifts towards the landing page, you can automatically convert him into a loyal customer. 

• Conveys information effectively

We all know that it becomes much easier to understand in the form of video. But, did you know that it is even more easier to convey your message with the help of animated explainer videos? 

Animations can show you a world that real time or live action videos cannot. It allows you to convey information at the visual and auditory levels. For example, with the help of animated explainers, you can show the reviewers what the inside of your product looks like. Or you can easily describe the sound levels of a speaker with the form of waves. 

Packing the essentials in a compact video leaves an impression without making the viewer bored. The better a viewer understands the functionality and concept of a product the higher the chances for them to buy it later. 

• Sharing possibilities of animated videos are high. 

People like to share interesting content and animated videos can be made as interesting as you want. As a result, your content has higher chances of getting viral on social media if it’s in the form of animations. 

But, just making an animated video is not going to do the trick. You need to make a fun, informational video that your audience finds interesting enough to share. And the more shares- the more reach and traffic your website gets! 

Posting animated explainer videos on social media also allows you to engage with your target audience. You can also engage with your followers or build an online community to make the audience interested and spread word about your brand. 

• Make sure that the best team creates the video

Animated videos work best to attract leads and convert them. But that doesn’t necessarily mean every video will serve the purpose. There are a lot of factors that decide how the video will perform online including- the script, voice-over, storytelling, animation, and the flow. 

To ensure your video has the best script, audio, and visuals, you must hire a good explainer video production company, experienced in producing high-quality videos with the specifications you want. 

• Hold your customer’s attention. 

An explainer video informs the audience why your product/service is the best choice and why they should invest in it. All this information often makes the video uninteresting. In addition to that, visitors generally have a short attention span, due to the busy schedules, deadlines, and personal responsibilities. 

Hence, it becomes challenging to hook the viewers to the video. This is where animated videos and product video production can help. Animated explainers have the ability to improve even the most boring content through engaging and enchanting visuals, bright colors, and vibrant audio.

Furthermore, having a good script would ensure the video compels the visitors to convert into customers.

• Increase Brand’s Visibility

Animated videos can also help in increasing your brand’s visibility on the internet and especially on search engines like google. More visibility leads to more viewers, which eventually leads to increased sales.

You might find incorporating animated videos in your content strategy as the most obvious thing to do for making an appeal to your audience. As per Forbes, 58% of businessmen and customers like to watch a short video demonstrating a company’s products and services as compared to listening to lengthy audio. 

If the animated video is compelling enough to create a lasting impact in the minds of your customers, the brand will position its place in their minds.


An engaging animated explainer video is the key to forming a strong marketing strategy. Use social media to put it on fire. An animated explainer video on social media will introduce a brand or product to boost its visibility. And eventually- attract LEADS! 

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