How a Divorce Attorney Can Help You Through Challenging Times


The decision has been made by you to conclude your marriage, and now you’re dealing with the strenuous process of going through a divorce. However, selecting a suitable legal representative is one of the critical decisions all Tulsa inhabitants have to make. Hiring a skilled Tulsa divorce attorney should be one of the first things on your mind, as handling a divorce without assistance can be tough—especially when dealing with intricate laws and regulations. To make the process easier and less stressful for yourself during this difficult period of time, find a Tulsa divorce lawyer that you can rely on. A skilled lawyer can help guarantee that even though you are getting divorced, it doesn’t signify financial ruin.

Managing Child Custody and Visitation Agreements

Hassles like child custody and visitation make going through a divorce even more difficult, but by retaining a divorce attorney, you can decrease stress levels during this experience and make certain that your children receive the best possible outcome.

  • They consider your unique situation to determine the most suitable custody arrangement for you and your family. The main goal of your lawyer is to ensure that your kids’ interests are prioritized when determining custody arrangements.
  • Working towards fair visitation rights through negotiation is something that they are capable of. However, the disagreement of separated partners over post-divorce parenting responsibilities necessitates the assistance of a family lawyer who is skilled at resolving such conflicts through negotiations.
  • It is their job to make sure that all agreements related to custody or visitation are legally binding, as if an agreement is not formalized, it could lead to confusion and possibly even manipulation. Leveraging an attorney’s expertise ensures that every pertinent detail regarding your children is accurately outlined in the final divorce agreement
  • Emotions can be disregarded in solving this equation. While custody battles can be tumultuous in nature, it is crucial that your attorney sticks to the truth while arguing based on factual evidence as well as adhering to legal standards rather than allowing emotional bias to come into play.
  • Understanding the state’s laws on child custody and support is what they do. Legal compliance for custody agreements in Oklahoma requires a lawyer experienced with the state laws – be sure to find one before creating an agreement.

Determining a Fair and Equitable Division of Debts

Determine What Debts You Have

The first step is to gather records of all debts in both of your names, including mortgage statements, credit card bills, auto loans, and any other liabilities. Make a list of the total amounts owed, minimum monthly payments, and also interest rates for each debt. This will give you a clear picture of your financial situation so you can easily determine how to split things up fairly.

Decide How to Allocate Debts

Do both of you want to maintain separate accountability of debts under individual names? The best way to handle debt is to pay off the joint ones first before splitting the remaining ones individually. There are certain typical ways that couples approach handling this situation.

  • Individual responsibility for bills can easily be managed by keeping separate debt accounts for both sides. This method is effective when there are few common debts and comparable earnings.
  • Splitting joint liabilities evenly involves totaling up all shared obligations and paying an equal amount each, while a separate payment is made for the remaining personal debts. While this ensures a clean break between parties involved, it may present challenges where the income gap is considerable.
  • Calculating what percentage of their individual incomes each spouse contributes to the total household income, allocate all joint debts proportional to each person’s assigned percentage. The amount each person is responsible for in regard to joint debt repayments corresponds directly with their percentage contribution towards total earnings, which in your case would be 60%. Equitable sharing of resources using a person’s ability to pay as a basis.
  • One might have to negotiate and reach a compromise when dividing certain debts with higher interests or balances – particularly if one partner is unable to manage them on their own. It’s important during this period of difficulty that both parties are willing to make concessions in order to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement.

Negotiating Temporary Support

In order to help you through this transitional phase, your legal representative will work towards achieving provisional spousal support and financial assistance for children along with a fair apportionment of marital property. An acceptable sum for maintenance will be determined after analyzing the financial documents of your significant other. It would then be mandated by the court and paid every month without delay.

Divorce attorneys are skilled at helping to negotiate important matters such as:

  • Alimony or spousal support to cover living expenses
  • Child support and custody arrangements
  • The family home and other major assets
  • Vehicles, bank accounts, investments, and retirement funds
  • Debts and liabilities

Retain a skilled divorce lawyer who can represent your interests effectively under Oklahoma law concerning spousal support and asset allocation.

Mediation Can Help Resolve Issues Outside of Court

Divorce can be tough on its own, but it’s worse when accompanied by extensive court battles. However, cooperative dispute resolution can be attained through the process of mediation. Choosing mediation over litigation allows you and your partner to communicate freely with the help of an impartial mediator aiming to reach a mutual understanding

  • Helps save both time and money. For most disagreements, opting for mediation instead of taking legal action in court will likely save you time and money. Additionally, you are responsible for controlling both the process and outcome.
  • Reduces conflict through mediation, which is an effective way to promote positive dialogue and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Decreasing tension can pave the way for healthier communication and mutual understanding between the two individuals.
  • Customized solutions are offered, with the role of the mediator being to support you in investigating alternatives and selecting the option that is most fitting for your specific situation. Being innovative might result in potential solutions that would not be considered otherwise.
  • Confidential process. What is said in mediation stays between those involved and cannot be shared. With this capability, you are able to speak freely with the assurance that it will not be utilized against you in the courtroom.
  • Legally binding, it’s possible for your attorneys to create entirely legal and enforced settlements from the agreements that are made. Enjoy all the benefits that come with a court order while retaining flexibility through mediation.


And that wraps things up. Having professional and experienced legal counsel by your side during a divorce can be extremely helpful. During a divorce proceeding in Tulsa, having an adept attorney on your side can offer advice to guide you through each stage of the process ensuring that your rights are protected as they work toward achieving a positive outcome. By taking care of all the complicated legal paperwork and negotiation process for you, they let you push ahead with ease. There is always a glimmer of hope, even in hard times. You will effectively tackle this tough circumstance with the guidance of a knowledgeable divorce attorney and will emerge from it stronger than ever to begin a fresh chapter in your life.

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