HostZealot Review: Peculiar Features and Significant Advantages


The modern world is changing so fast. Nowadays more and more businesses go online. The stable functioning of your website depends on several aspects. It’s of prime importance not only to hire cool web developers and designers but also to choose the winning web hosting solutions.

Nowadays there are lots of available variants. No wonder, it’s easy to pick up a variant that meets your needs, expectations, and budget. HostZealot provides copious solutions to companies of any type and size. The experts of the company evaluate your requirements and expectations in order to provide the perfect services.

Thus, the following aspects are taken into account:

The type of control

For some users, it’s essential to be able to control all the operations and improvements on their own. It means they need access to configurations. For others, it’s better to entrust the management and maintenance of the server to specialists. HostZealot is able to please both groups of users;

An expected amount of traffic.

It’s clear that the traffic of the website of a tiny online store differs greatly from the traffic of a large corporation. This affects the choice of server. It’s also important to keep in mind that it’s a good idea to envisage the further development of the website with a possible increase of the traffic;

The type of the server.

These days there are several feasible options. The most popular of them are shared, dedicated, VPS, and cloud servers.

It’s only three major points that are considered. Yet, the specialists of the company investigate all the peculiarities of your site. They pick up the most optimal solutions that won’t cost you the whole fortune. 

Dedicated Server: Peculiar Features

Dedicated server hosting means that your site possesses its own server all to itself. You don’t need to share capacities with other platforms. It’s a perfect solution for those who are looking for enhanced security features and a potential increase in page loading time.

There are lots of benefits you get if you pick up a dedicated server by HostZealot. The first one is an amazing performance. These days there are no alternatives that may compete with dedicated server hosting.

The next benefit is absolute security. If the question of safety and reliability is of prime importance for you, this type of web hosting is a perfect decision. It’s only you who have access to the server. Even if you choose a managed server that implies assistance from HostZealot specialists, you may be sure all your data is protected.

One more significant advantage of the dedicated server is customization. It allows you to adjust the web hosting in accordance with your peculiar needs and expectations. It’s rather convenient.    

There are many countries where the users may benefit from the usage of a dedicated server in Estonia. If you find this option not as exciting as you need, you may try other offers by HostZealot.

How Much Is It? Available Plans

The issue of price is of prime importance for a greater part of users. HostZealot provides versatile plans that are able to please even the most demanding clients. The price depends on such characteristics as CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, disk types, and disk space.  

Thus, if the dedicated server is located in Estonia, you are to pay 151 euros per month. You get such basic configuration as CPU Xeon E-2286G/6c/4GHz; RAM: 16GB DDR4; disks (max: 4): 1000GB SATA.

The price may vary from 38 to 378 euros per month. The maximum price stands for the dedicated server in the USA. You get the following basic configurations:

  • CPU: AMD EPYC 7302P/16c/3GHz;
  • RAM: 256GB DDR4;
  • Disks (max: 4): 2x480GB SSD.

With the full list of available plans, you may get acquainted on the website of the company:

Main Advantages of Dedicated Server by HostZealot

HostZealot is a company with a long history. Since 2009, it has been providing web hosting services to clients across the globe. Rich experience allows specialists to provide users with excellent services. The major benefits you get are the following:

You don’t need to sign up for a contract.

It’s a common problem of copious web hosting providers. They make their clients sign up agreements. With HostZealot, you may cancel any plan if it doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s very convenient especially for those users who do not know for sure what type of web hosting they need;

Lightning-fast configuration.

You don’t need to cope with endless manuals in order to understand how to set up your dedicated server for work. You literally complete the process of configuration in a couple of clicks. Moreover, our competent specialists are able to do everything for you;

Easy upgrades.

Technologies are developing so rapidly. In order to meet the requirements of the time, it’s important to update the capacities of the dedicated server. HostZealot allows doing this without problems;

The best quality hardware.

When it comes to dedicated servers, the quality of the hardware is of prime importance. The company works only with leaders in the tech market. The best solutions by SuperMicro, HP, Dell, Juniper, Cisco are applied.

It’s only a few of the endless perks you get when deciding to choose a dedicated server by HostZealot. Moreover, excellent customer support makes your experience as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

So, choosing a dedicated server as a web hosting solution for your website, you get lots of perks you can’t but appreciate. Your clients are satisfied with lightning-fast page load time while you are pleased with excellent support, reasonable prices, and various customized options.

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