Hiring in 2022: Challenges, Solutions, and Tips


The past couple of years have been nothing but challenging for businesses everywhere. To survive, changes had to be implemented as quickly as possible and it hasn’t been easy. From shifting to a remote setup to running a workforce from home to operating during a pandemic, companies have tried their best to keep things together.

The Challenges Companies Face

Apart from the operational challenges, another equally daunting task emerged and that is in finding the right people for their vacant positions. With people quitting their jobs due to lockdowns, social distancing protocols, and quarantine procedures, businesses were hard pressed to find the right people fast.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021 while 100,000 working-age Canadian women have resigned since the start of the pandemic. Reasons for such massive employee turnover vary from one industry to another. It can also vary from one country to another, but the problem is essentially the same – where to find people to replace these workers and how to do it.

Another reason why hiring is tougher these days is because of companies opting for leaner teams due to limited budgets. This adds another level of difficulty in an already complicated problem. So if you’re hiring in 2022, you should have an action plan aimed at addressing the many issues you’ll face.

Here are some tips and solutions that may help make the task easier:

Strengthen Your Company’s Brand

How a potential candidate feels about an employer’s brand has an impact on their decision. LinkedIn states that 75% of job seekers factor in the company’s brand before applying for a job.

Nowadays, people look for authenticity and genuineness in a company because it helps them perceive a company as trustworthy. So if you want to earn the trust and favor of your candidates, try to enhance your brand to fit their expectations.

How do you entice candidates to choose you over other businesses? Start by doing the following:

  • Create a branded and responsive website
  • Present your values, mission, and vision clearly
  • List all the benefits of working for your company
  • Share testimonials from happy employees

Tap Passive Candidates

Passive candidates comprise 70 percent of the world’s  labor force. These are candidates who aren’t actively looking for a job. This means you can’t expect them to send in applications or visit your website.

To find these passive candidates, you have to look for them. Look for them on professional social media sites like LinkedIn or in professional FB groups. Give them a glimpse of your culture and entice them to apply. If they’re still employed, keep a close eye on them until they’re available or ready to make that leap.

Create a Talent Pool

A talent pool is a shortlist of potential candidates for positions that may become available in the near future. These consist of people you’ve already interviewed and shortlisted in the past but were not fit for any of the available positions then. If you have a talent pool, your hiring process does not have to begin from scratch every single time.

You can reach out to these candidates the moment a position ideal for them is available. This also gives you the chance to spend less time and money on interviewing. The talent pool can include candidates you’ve sourced, recommended leads, second-choice applicants, and more.

Source from Recruiters

A bad hire in Canada can cost you 1.5-3.5 times their annual salary. This wastes your money and your company culture and morale. If you want to find the perfect candidate quickly, you should enlist the help of headhunters in Canada.

The best headhunters in Toronto know how to identify which applicants are right for the job. Their experience dealing with various candidates day in and day out can help them determine who is ideal for your company. These recruiters will lower your chances of investing in a bad hire since this is their area of expertise, after all.

The Bottomline

Hiring and retaining employees might be challenging, but it doesn’t have to feel like an insurmountable task. Optimize your recruiting efforts and streamline your processes with proper planning. Find the best recruitment solution for your business and you’ll soon have a team of competent and devoted employees on your roster.

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