Highly Paid Career Opportunities for Finance Graduates

It is not a hidden secret anymore that a master’s degree is one significant investment, and students pay their hard-earned money to establish a better lifestyle. You will agree to the point that every investment made with ideology will be fruitful financially in the longer run. A conventional master’s degree takes approximately a year or two for completion. Working days and nights to support your education is rewarding in the form of an excellent salary package. There are multiple options where fresh graduates can use their skills and academic knowledge, be it in an organization or the role of consultants in their respective domains. According to the statistics, degrees in finance and medical are most rewarding with the best annual packages. In this article, we will discuss some of the most rewarding career options for finance graduates:



The highest-paid career option around the globe after the financial manager is said to be the economist with annual pay of around $104,000. Graduates with finance degrees are lucky as they have multiple domains to explore as per their interest. Experts and professionals serving in different departments claim that even though they are getting good pays, but the salary of an economist is something to envy. Their job description is to evaluate different economic conditions and scenarios that are associated with the production and distribution of goods and services. They are in the position to utilize their expertise and craft a forecast for the plan of action. They may have to plan alternative strategies in case of labor shortage, scarcity of recourses, or condition of the business environment.


Financial Advisor

Another highly paid career option for the graduates of finance is to become a financial advisor for an individual or any corporate firm. Graduates serving in the field share their success stories that being a financial advisor was not possible without a master’s degree in accounting. Fortunately, the world has stepped out of the conventional education system and has established online services to serve academia. Similarly, macc online is one of the examples of a master’s degree in accounting that is playing a significant role in providing a platform to the finance graduates to establish their career with an excellent pay scale from day one. According to the statistics, the average salary of a financial advisor is around $85,000 per year.


Taxation Manager

According to the current market practices, taxation managers are getting a salary for more than $98,000 per year. Their core job responsibility is to prepare and file tax documents under the rules and regulations of the state and the federal authorities. They have an additional role in developing tax policies for the company to ensure that the company follows ethical protocols of taxation. The tax manager can leverage his power to be an employee for any private organization or may become one of the local consultants. Their findings and services are playing a supportive role in elevating the outcomes of the services, revisiting the existing tax policies, and reviewing the financial decisions. Hence, as soon as you complete your online llm tax degree, you may find a highly paid job as a taxation manager.


Wealth Advisor

Among the list of highly paid career options, wealth advisor is the fifth highly paid job with an average of $78,000 per year. The core responsibility of the incumbent is to suggest opportunities with an objective to multiple the wealth of the investor. Mostly, this type of job is offered in large enterprises or financial institutions as they have wealth to maintain. The wealth advisor shares his expertise in finance by utilizing his knowledge of forecasting, analysis, and interpretation. Somehow, the annual package of the wealth advisor is high because private organizations support and tip the private wealth advisors with a yearly bonus from the profit along with the monthly salary.


Credit Risk Consultant

Adverse effects of negative credit score is no more a secret to the world. Having a good credit score tends to improve the overall chances of getting approvals more easily by the banks on lenders for loans. Credit risk consultant is a specific position in the field of finance, having a job description to interpret and present raw data to establish credit scores of individuals, companies, and local security products. However, economists and finance professional claim that credit risk consultant has the whole and sole responsibility to present the data upon which the financial decisions have to be taken by the company. Hence, credit risk consultation is one of the highest-paid career options for finance graduates due to the sensitivity of the job description.



By the end of 2019, academic education has transformed from conventional classrooms to the virtual world. Fortunately, universities and educational institutions have accepted it with open hearts and are now encouraging students to earn their finance certificate online to save time, money, and effort. Online education is now one of the best evolution of the world that is supporting people to maintain their work-life balance along with the studies. Concluding the discussion with an ideology that it is not the time and effort only, it is the relevant outcome that sets a benchmark.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.