Here’s How To Choose The Best Biometric Attendance System According To Your Organization Size

Biometric Attendance

An organization’s success can be analyzed by how punctual its employees are. Keeping only track of how many days an employee is absent from work may not provide a comprehensive picture about their punctuality. So, it is equally important to keep a tab on- what time an employee is reporting to the office and when the employee is leaving.

Today, almost all multi-national companies and large-scale organizations make use of a biometric attendance system to track employee attendance and foster the practice of being disciplined on an everyday basis.

Technology has become quintessential across all industries. It greatly affects our lives, including the way we work, connect with people and find solutions to problems.

Similarly, employee management is one stream that demands the intervention of different types of tools to keep up with the changing times. With workforce patterns continuously evolving, organizations are adopting latest technologies to improve the time utilization and performance of their employees. Subsequently, threats such as buddy punching, time theft, insufficient data for calculating payrolls, and employee accountability can be easily managed with a comprehensive biometric attendance system.

A biometric attendance system makes sure that workplace policies as well as accountability are intact, ensuring transparency so that no ambiguity is left behind. Especially for processes, such as calculating the attendance and work hours of employees.

Are you feeling confused about how to choose the best biometric attendance system according to your organization’s size? We bring you a list of features that will help you in selecting the best biometric attendance system for your organization:

1. Effective Employee Management

You should invest in a biometric attendance system that is capable enough to securely store the data of all employees on the cloud. In addition, it should allow HR to create new employee data as well as update the old data.

A biometric attendance system should be able to sync all access attempts across different devices and multiple locations in one place. Based on your organization’s size, a biometric attendance system can expertly support assigning multiple users with access-permission to manage attendance data efficiently.

2. Shift and Roster Management

A biometric attendance system enables you to create and manage shift plans and roster policies with absolute ease. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manage shifts of all the employees. However, a cloud-based biometric attendance system will help you in updating employee’s work time, shifts, leaves, holidays, and more.

Gone are the days when it was difficult to keep a tab on the attendance of all the employees. Today, with a biometric attendance system, you can effortlessly do this job and drive productivity.

3. Integration with the Current HRMS

A biometric attendance system helps you seamlessly connect your existing HRMS to a cloud app for effective data transfer. It also allows you to transfer all the recognition logs and attendance data in real-time from cloud application to HRMS.

4. Device Management

Based on your organization’s size, a biometric attendance system should allow you to manage all the connected devices and map all the employees to the device in a centralized manner. Moreover, it should offer customized multi-user support and should be able to create multiple company-level admins within the same account and seamlessly manage data coming from different locations. Something like a biometric identity verification can help you in this aspect.

Invest in a Robust Biometric Attendance System for your Organization 

The features discussed above will help you choose the best biometric attendance system that is aligned with your organization’s unique requirements. However, remember to explore renowned brands delivering top-quality biometric attendance systems.

Amongst others, you can discover options like KENT CamAttendance, which comes from the trusted house of KENT. It has facial recognition, a robust design, and exemplary accuracy. KENT CamAttendance leverages artificial intelligence-based computer vision to capture and recognize the face of employees.

So, make your employees remain punctual the technologically advanced way with KENT CamAttendance.

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