Guest Posting for Small Business: What’s the Right Strategy?

Guest Posting for Small Business

Guest posting has evolved over time to be a perfect strategy for small-scale businesses to grow online. Some people consider it time consuming and a minimal-benefit technique, but a correctly followed guest posting strategy will indeed give you results in a quick time.

In guest posting, you will be writing blogs on some other platform which is often referred to as a host site. You are the guest over there, and hence the term guest posting. But, how can small businesses get quality backlinks and establish themselves as an authority in the industry? Well, they certainly can do it. However, they need to follow a precise strategy so that no mistakes are bound to occur.

There are many proficient Guest post services available that can help you with guest blogs initially when you are new and eventually you can write on your own or hire a content writer in house.

First things first, why guest posting? Well, if you want your site to achieve better rankings through Google Page Ranking Algorithms, guest posting on a highly-rated host site can prove beneficial to you. Most sites allow you to drop a do-follow link either in the author bio or in the main body of the article. These backlinks are considered as a symbol of trust by Google.

And more backlinks from websites having high domain authority means your site will have higher chances to get a superior page rank. However, you need to ensure that you are posting on a site that is having a DA over 25. If you are posting on a site that has lower domain authority ranking, you might receive backlash from google and it can negatively impact your business.

If you are looking for opportunities to establish yourself as an authority in the industry, you can head towards guest posting. When you post top-quality content on a regular basis, you will be respected by the audience and will be considered as an expert in the niche. People often think of posting top-notch content on their site itself rather than a host site. However, it might not give the desired results. When you post on such host sites, you will be dealing with a larger audience base. This new audience will soon be interested in your business and contact you for the products and services you offer.

Let us look at various steps involved that you, as a small business, can follow to secure highly rated guest posting sites.

  • Find Relevant Site

You need to begin with finding a site to guest post on. You need to ensure you choose a site with domain rating over 25. Moreover, to find such sites, you can search on Google. For example, if you have expertise in digital marketing, you can google “guest posting sites digital marketing”. It will display lists containing several sites as per the relevancy.

Moreover, you will also be able to check their DR score and will be able to know how difficult it is to secure a slot on such websites. Such sites are visible to all and the list is easily accessible. Hence, you will have to face fierce competition to grab a slot!

You can also Google search with several other keywords. For example, if your niche is digital marketing, you can write “digital marketing + write for us”. You can replace “write for us” with other keywords such as “guest blogging opportunities”, “contribute to us”, etc.

This way, you can find sites relevant to your niche. Other than this technique, you can leverage certain third-party SEO tools to know where your competitors are posting and then try to secure a guest posting opportunity at that site. It is comparatively easier than the two methods mentioned above.

  • Send A Pitch

Next thing you need to do is draft a precise guest post pitch to get in the eye of the editor of the site. Prior to that, you can try to be on their radar by sharing their content and adding valuable information to their posts. Your pitch post should be tailored in accordance with the editorial standards, given that you are sending your pitch posts to several sites. Each should be crafted with precision and must be to the point. You need to be aware of such minor things as they can have a huge impact on your approval.

That was all about guest posting for small businesses. If you are a beginner, you can check Guest blogging Services to work on your behalf, they are experts in delivering Quality Guest Posts and can land backlinks from highly rated sites. Start guest posting asap and take the full advantage of this strategy in taking your business to new heights!

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