Going To Dubai For A Business Trip? Here Is Some Helpful Advice


Dubai is a growing hotspot for travelers from all over the globe. It is also a solid economic hub with many business startups and global investors eyeing the city. When setting for a business trip to Dubai, you are sure of having a great experience and meeting like-minded groups.

However, for your trip to be successful, there are things that you need to factor in. Consider what the leadership of the United Arabs Emirates (UAE) expects from any visitor. Think around the means to use while in the marvelous city. Never forget to have all your papers together. All these and other aspects will contribute to the great success of your business trip. Here are the practical pointers.

The Visa Requirements

Complying with the UAEs set regulations on visa requirements gives you a good start in your business trip. The authorities in this Arabian land provide free visas to visitors, but this is limited to specific nationalities (this is on arrival). The only ones eligible for the offer are travelers from America, Canada, and Australia.

Also, check on the validity of the passport you have. Its validity needs to be six months from the day you arrive in Dubai. It is necessary to contact your local embassy, especially when clearing with the immigration department in the city. If you are not eligible for a visa for Dubai on arrival, this may help you get the proper assistance to proceed forward. If your business trip is likely to take longer than the validity of the passport, you should not worry. This is because there is an option of applying for an extension for one to three months.

The Immigration Requirements

At the immigration offices, you will have to answer a few questions on your traveling missions. They want to know general information on your business trip such as the company you work with, who you are meeting and such. The immigration officers will be friendly hence easy to engage with. What you need is to give the correct answers and avoid the prohibited things. The authorities here are against possession of narcotics, adult content, firearms, and pork products.

Plan for Your Road Trips

After clearing with the immigration departments, you are good to go. This time, you need to find a reliable means of transport to and fro your hotel, apartment, company, and other recreational centers. Calling the taxis each time you need to head somewhere may be uneconomical in the end. The team at UAEDriving elaborates on how one can avoid this. When you rent a car, your transportation needs are well taken care of.

As a businessperson, you want a car rental service which you can depend on. This is why doing some research on your target firm is necessary. Find the ones who have quick delivery services of the vehicles to your doorstep. Also, for you to appreciate renting a car, the prices need to be economical. Some companies offer personalized services on the car. This means they can modify the car’s features, such as color, to suit your preferences.

Which Is the Best Time to Visit?


When it comes to the timing of visits, there are some aspects to consider. One of them is the high and low seasons. The low season is in summer (In UAE); these are the months between May and September. During this time, the temperatures and humidity levels are high. This may not be too bothersome as a business person as your activities may be mostly indoors. Besides the harsh weather, the accommodation prices are generally at their best. This is in comparison with the high season.

Another element to consider is the holy month of the people in UAE. Ramadan is remarkable for the Muslim brothers and sisters; hence can forgo many things during such times. Therefore, you should not be surprised when your meetings get rescheduled several times during the holy month. Therefore, if you are in a position to choose, avoid your trip during Ramadan.

However, it doesn’t mean no business can take place. You need to be psychologically prepared and, if possible, sit down with your foreign business partners and make accurate plans. For the business dinners, remembering Iftar, for instance, will make you know the right time to make the arrangements.

When planning for a business trip to Dubai, you need to consider several things to have a successful mission. Consider the visa requirements and compliance to the immigration department. Another significant thing is thinking of your transportation needs while on the mainland already. There is a need to keep in mind the low and high seasons and the impact of the holy month.

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